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My soul is a captive of your heart
Willing it was shameless on my
Part as it ran to you with no consideration for my whole well
Now torn from my chest my heart
Does lay trodden and forgotten at
Your feet and my soul can only say
Silly old thing it got in the way of
Where I longed to be trying as it
Did to restrict my desires with notions
Of love if only it did let me be that
Which I am a compliment to man
But unable to be caged you see
My soul is a captive of your heart
And my cold and unfeeling corps
Can now play it’s part of walking
With the rest of humanity unfeeling
Uncaring always staring ahead unable
To see

Let go let go your
Hurting me can you
Not see I’m unable
To take breath for
The pain of your
Squeezing every last
Ounce of what I have
Left of my patients
For life and wanting
To be free
Let go let go can
You not see right here
Is where I want to be
But your making me
Feel I must go

Sometimes just sometimes I
Come across the unexpected
That aspect of me I give freely
And knowing there is nothing
In return
Sometimes just sometimes some
One knows what I am saying before
I open my mouth and there is an
Understanding in their eyes devoid
Of emotional clouding and storms
Of concern just mere understanding
Sometimes just sometimes I cry tears
Of remembrance and joy thankful for
Those sometimes I helped that little
Girl or little boy hiding within us all
Sometimes just sometimes I feel it
Was all worth it for that one second
Of joy as I held the heart and soul
Of another and once again life seemed
Full of joy for us both
Sometimes just sometimes

It does not matter the days
That I lost as they mean
Nothing to me not even
Memory but I wonder as to
My doing on those days that
Somehow skipped away from
The eye of recollection and my
Mind does wonder to the pondering
Of what it was that distracted me
So on so many instances of not
Knowing for something there is
Attracting me for far to often of
Late do I return to find it was there
I had been without knowing
No malice of remembrance no joy
Of recollection no hatred of non
Pleasure just that notion of a day
That has been lost to not knowing
Where or what I was doing my mind
Has no way of showing unless it now
Has chosen to keep secrets from

Lost deep within this thunder
Storm of emotions nothing makes
Sense any more and all seems
So so familiar
This is where I am meant to be
These are the seas of my lifetimes
Watering gathered to take me to
My island resting place
One last long journey for me to
Endure and enjoy before the shipwreck
Of age casts me ashore lost to the
Mainland forever more remembered
Only in songs and the shed of a tear
For those that I have loved and held
Me dear as a friend passing in distant
Nights of loneliness
Oh to wake from this dream of a lifetime
Only to find it was mine for the living
Had I only opened my eyes to what
Was before me
Alas the storm has come and it is
Now my time to move along to mine
Own paradise

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