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I feel the heaviness of the
World pulling upon the lids
Of my eyes slowly but surly
Bringing them to a close in
Oder for me not to observe
It’s demise as all is hurled
Into turmoil and destruction
As the minds of the young
Are weakened to bring about
Distraction and so bring to an
End the era of enlightenment
Now is all pretend in that
Realm of fantasy from which
Non can defend for it is in
All it’s essence our reality

The dog had a roast dinner
I had pizza and chips
I can not help but wonder
Is my mind finally in bits
And peaces left over from
The creases imposed by
The passage of time
Am I finally going mad or
Merely just sad that thus
Is reflected my time
I watch as the world dashes
By and really do have to
Ask myself why where is
It you are rushing to go
I’ll walk the fields with the
Dog at my heels until I
Tell him to go and watch
In the distance as he looks
Back at me waiting for
Direction to go and it all
Makes sense and some
How I know you’ve been
Told and off you go rushing
To the future that you do
Not truly know

How can it be that time
Rushes past me so
Was it not just yesteryear
That I had consideration
Of how I wanted things
To go
How can it be that time
Has forgotten me and
Now there is nothing I
For familiar sights and
The shadows of the night
Have changed and no
Longer recognised as
Places I did go
How can it be that time
Has forgotten me and
Left me with nowhere
To go

With body broken and mind so
Weak what’s needed most but
Avoided is sleep as memories
Are chased down the lane
Of bringing past feelings into
The future to amplify the pain
Of realities passing and repeated
Questions keep asking how things
Went this way
No concern is needed no warnings
Heeded as winced is the body
With pain of knowing and brutality
Showing that with so much there
Is so little to gain
I’ll close my eyes and await the
Surprise of knowingly I will
Be back once again

Chasing images reflected in the
Mirror of times long past and
Having dinner with friends and
Of chocolate and wine of plates
Of dinner piled on high
Smiles and cheers that chased
Away fears that somehow never
Of evenings glow and saying you
Know just how the other did feel
Like those long lost times it’s
Somehow hard to know
Were they just images reflected
Or did we already know
What time was waiting to reveal
And to the future show
Chasing images reflected in the
Mirror of times long past and
Having dinner with friends and

Surprise me with tales of history
Of how they are portrayed and
Meant to be and thus displayed
Are things that are meant to see
The passage of true time
Lost to all reason the reasons
Why children did loose and say
Goodbye to those they once knew
As kin
Surprise me with tales of history

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