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Did you ever dream of being
A hero and flying through the
Skies taking on the baddies
And swatting them like flies
Or maybe taking on marshons
and giving them blackeyes
Did you ever dream of being
Something else and opened
Up your eyes
I dreamt of being a farther and
Wow I now have five
I dreamt of being a teacher let
Me tell you was that a surprise
I dreamt of holding children
As the tears fell from their eyes
That one was a breaker I often
Went home and cried
I dreamt of leaving the city to
Wake with the sunshine in my
Eyes the sounds of singing
Birds saying their hellos and
Goodbyes I listen to them in the
Mornings now just before my
Walk under the skies and
Through the fields with smiles
In my eyes
Did you ever dream did you ever

Did you hear that echo
In the mind as it desperately
Tried to find it’s meaning
Knowing there were others
Of it’s kind out of sequence
Now only screaming with
No consistency of order
Reduced to random noise
Did you hear that echo
Calling to itself trying to
Find it’s place but lost in
The abundance of refections
Rebounding as if trapped
Within a mirror now only
Knowing of the self
Did you here that echo

It’s not being with you
That scares me or the
Thought of being alone
It’s not looking in your
Eyes thinking this is
Truly the home of a
Kind and loving soul
Nor is it that shiver
I get when you’ve
Gone home
It’s that eternity it
Takes for you to pick
Up the phone when
I call you just to say
It’s that fraction of
Time once I’ve said
Goodbye that last what
Seems an eternity as
I ask myself why did
I not just kiss you or
Tell you how I feel
It’s those unknown
Seconds that truly
Make me feel
Scared of loving

Can I trust you with my
Heart for it is all I have
To give
Can you promise to care
For it and just a little to
Give it for survival the
Odd smile or a kiss or
Can I leave it a while
Just to grow with you
Will you shelter it from
Harm walk with it a mile
Or so
Can you allow it to breath
And to no others show
It’s vulnerability now that
It is all alone
Can I leave my heart
With you are you able
To take it home

Can I hold you just a
Little bit tighter just to
Show you how I feel
Can I hold you a little
While longer for my
Feelings to reveal without
Scaring you or speaking
Words of love
Can I hold you a little
Closer so that your heart
I can feel beating in your
Chest not for you to feel
The same just so I can
Hold you a little longer
Before I feel that pain
Of release and being
On my own
Can I hold you just hold
You and hope you feel
The same

If I let myself go and
To you show those
Hidden aspects of me
Will you promise right
Here you will be when
I wake from my dreams
Of sharing and face my
If I let myself go and
My feelings show will
You accept me for what
I am merely a man
Trying to grow and
Understand you
If I let myself go and
Hold back no more can
You tell me for sure
That your going to
Do the same
If I let myself go

I don’t know what made me
Think of you or why you
Crept into my mind to cause
Me to faulter and possibly
Find myself in a situation
That can not possibly be
And yet there you are confronting
Me in every aspect of who
I am and want to be
I don’t know what made me
Remember you of all the
People I have known but
My concern is I know this
Will not be the last time
As from you my mind does
Now turn to thoughts of
Being true and what it was
To be one not two and how
Things have changed over
The years
I don’t know what made me
Want to compare my now
With yesteryear but I’m glad
I can still remember as just
Maybe I’ll be a little tender in
My remembrance of you
I don’t know what made me

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