Did you ever dream of being
A hero and flying through the
Skies taking on the baddies
And swatting them like flies
Or maybe taking on marshons
and giving them blackeyes
Did you ever dream of being
Something else and opened
Up your eyes
I dreamt of being a farther and
Wow I now have five
I dreamt of being a teacher let
Me tell you was that a surprise
I dreamt of holding children
As the tears fell from their eyes
That one was a breaker I often
Went home and cried
I dreamt of leaving the city to
Wake with the sunshine in my
Eyes the sounds of singing
Birds saying their hellos and
Goodbyes I listen to them in the
Mornings now just before my
Walk under the skies and
Through the fields with smiles
In my eyes
Did you ever dream did you ever