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Did I imagine it

Did I imagine it or was

It somehow true am I

Lost or just somehow

Feeling blue like the

Sky on a clear summers

Day am I lost like the

Sunset gone for another


Did I imagine it or was

That really you looking

Over my shoulder as I

Lay there

I wonder I wonder

And sometimes think

Of you and what it would

Be that we would be

Doing just us two

Did I imagine it or was

It another dream

Sometimes I think I have

Lost that ability to be

Seen as I pass amongst

The shadows drifting in and out

Did I imagine it or was

This life about

The experiences that we can

Somehow share

That ability to despite all

Else still care enough

To shed that lonesome tear

Not for remembrance but

Because we are actually here

To embrace those wonderful


Did I imagine it or was

It just a dream

Tell me do tell me what
Compares to the rising
Of the sun or rivers flow
As down the mountain
It does run or to see a
Reindeer as in the forest
It runs chasing it’s shadow
Merely to have fun
A mothers smile a loving
Hug a mothers hand that
Feels like glove in it’s warm
Embrace a fathers grin as
He does watch you win
That race with imaginations
Friend such things are
These that some can not
Comprehend there meaning
For their own love they are
Screening afraid of everyone
Tell me do tell me

Do tell how long you will
Burn me to see if I catch
On fire is it your intention
To change my minds desire
Temptations having not
Brought about your expected
Results now you a withholding
Saying no ones at fault
How long will you burn me
And what is your anticipated
Result for I will not change
My resolve from my direction
I will not bolt for more is at
Stake than you seem to know
And when I leave this place
There is only one other to
Go how long will you burn
Me I actually think you don’t

Is there something wrong with
Being right or should we
Be left instead
Is there something wrong with
Not liking meat and preferring
Only veg ask the potato he may
Just say drop dead
Is there something wrong with
With not liking you and letting
It out of my head or should we
All play make-believe ok my
Name is Fred
Is there something wrong with
With wanting more than I can
See I know your not happy as
I do not watch tv and thus will
Not your wears indorse but I
Think it was a little rude to call
Me a bloody horse or a donkey
Or whatever it was you said
Is there something wrong with
Having this whole conversation
In my head I ask you what ever next
I may just go to tesco now and
Wait outside looking vex and
Mumble to my self as I peek
Out the corner of my eye watching
That shelf near the door you know
The one with special offers after
All times are hard and I holding
On to the coffers incase I get a
Call from a friend just in case they
Need a helping hand and again
That fiver to lend until Monday
What the hell their buying fags
They must see this as funday
As they smile passing me by
You know your taking the piss
Now but if I hit you in the eye
Ill be arrested and thus my
Future would be invested in
Keeping so many of the streets
I’m sure the judge will adore me
Then the police will applause me
Along with the prison staff the
Barrister and clerk sod it who
Am I kidding they’ll all think
I’m a jerk
Is there something wrong with
being me I have to ask as
You seem to have an inability
To see the lengths your pushing me
To hold on to my mind
Is there something wrong with

Come let us play a little while with
History change some things
To make mystery not just
A thing of the past
Let us weave webs of intrigue
Interlinked for them to
Last for a lifetime and from
The future bring both enemy
And friend back to the past
Let there be conclusions on
Each other they can depend
for ever to be contentious and
From the truth both defend
Let us take from the minds
Of children those aspect of
Insight let us confuse them
With science and tell them
Wrong is right let us keep
Them occupied and locked
In doors at night let us teach
Basic hypocrisy so adults we
Can abuse should they become
To inquisitive then some
Other control we’ll use
Come let us play a little with
Motivation the concept of
Other being the ruse we can
Hide almost anywhere lets
Start with religion just to
Confuse let us base it all
Upon notions of a higher
Form of being to who’s willingness
To grant us life that hierarchy
We can use throughout our
Society as the majority we
Use for our contention and
To provide us with our wealth
And should it come to it
Their just extras for our health
Should we need body parts
Or someone to test upon
Let us create great confusion
And hide in governments as
One meeting in secret once
The wars have begun
Come let us play a little while
Longer this seems so much
More like fun than any
Equality or notions of all being
Free Come let us play a little
(to be continued…..!)

Why is it that those things
Oft remembered do bring
A tear sadness over happiness
What’s gone not what is here
Can it be emotions way of
Saying we were here to push
Aside those happier times
For worrying and fear of the
Unknown or explanations to
The mind bring
For there are
Far more songs of sorrow
Than blessings we do bring
Why is it that those things
That we recall come from
Such lowly places now big
But once were small when
Seen in the moment it was
Nothing to recall merely just
Passing and now it seems
So tall as to diminish all of
Those other dreams of doing
What we wanted to and
Laughing till we screamed
With amusement surly it was
More than dreams
Why is it that those things
We do rejoice are brought
To mind not by love but after
Only sadness do we make
That choice
For the living and hold hands
With the now is there not
Some way we can skip the
Sorrow somehow and keep
It at bay

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