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I try and look away

As much as I try I can not

Avoid looking in your eyes

I get lost for a moment and

Then time catches me by

Surprise and I feel


I try and look away

Forcing my attention

To a heard word or something

Else to distract me

As much as I try I can not

And I am drawn once more

Back to that beauty

Deep within

And I think of myself

What a fool I have been

To let you see my soul

For there can be no mistaking

That on me you have

That hold

Come hold my hand and walk

With me in the darkness

It’s not that I fear not seeing

The light but the company

Would be good

Come hold my hand and walk

For a while let us talk

Of feeling good in times

Of old and those things

That being bold have

Changed in our lives

Come hold my hand and walk

With me just one more

Last time

Do you dream when you go to
Your bed at night or do you
Just close your eyes and say
Goodnight and that is it till
The morning
Do you wake with your heart
Pounding from the chase sweat
Dripping or just stretching
And yawning
Do you dream at all or is it
Just for you a wasted couple
Of hours how boring

I hate it when I am unable to sleep and words chase themselves around in front of me every second seems to push forward another line another understanding which I must try and record before the moment is lost

I find it strange that so much
Has lost it’s meaning what
Was once fun is no longer
Appealing to my mind lost
Is sense of satisfaction now
In place is gratification delayed
Or otherwise
I find it strange that so much
Has changed motivational
Desperation is how I would
Possible define the void
Now in front of me blocking
What I used to see no longer
Do I watch the sunrise for
I find myself questioning
Truth that I once held up
On display
I find it strange that so much
Has changed for it all to
Remain the same


What can I say the struggle goes on….! As I prepare my letter of application to the European Courts I wonder what it is that these old English men are really afraid off. As I am too often reminded not many black people come out here to work let alone live ;o having now won two cases against Leicestershire police without representation I  may add it seems things are now hoting up. Not being able to push me past the point of no return they have now made the decision to place upon my crb things I have been charged with. Hay whatever as I am here to stay and seeing as you don’t have the balls to just come shoot me and will not let me work I have nothing better to do than to take your sorry asses on init ;D  Institutional racism does not exist it is the title you hide behind when you make the continual and repeated decisions that you know adversely affect another and your decision is based purely upon your own prejudice. Now it would seem that I am to be starved out hahahahaha you don’t know your alive until your tested ;D as for being refused emergency medical treatment and told that the local dentist will not see me lol you could not make things easier for me if you bloody tried ;D this still remains my most searched for blog I wonder who’s doing the searching ;s hahahahaha


Ummmmm anonymous phone calls…. not for the first time I have been told that I have pissed of the wrong people…. but to be told that I will be imprisoned or worse should I continue my current litigation with the government as several individuals within the Stamford area are fed up with my persistence… Ouch… we all have to go at some time and some things are worth fighting for so go fuck ya selves I say…..!


Reposted…! update…. this is my most visited entry of all my blogs and poems…. I settled the case against the police out of court and have another two pending… the case against Rutland County Council was buried once in Notthingham county court whom outright refused to contact or converse with me and then the same again six months later by Melton Mobray County Court whom continue to make judgements upon the case even though it is out of their jurisdiction… as long as I have breath I will continue but to say that I am experiencing the same from every government department that I have the misfortune to come into contact with would be just telling it how it is and has been in these parts for god knows how long….!

the original entry can be found at

I have been granted leave by a Nottingham Judge to take both Rutland County Council and Rutland Police to court for discriminatory practices!!!


There is not a solicitor in the country not even the CRE whom are now England Help Line (pmsl) whom are willing to come and take on some of the oldest families in England.


So as fucking always I am having to go it alone!!!


If I should go missing one night, have an accident, be put away as mad or end up in prison then you know why init as money talks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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