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My one and only enemy

Hate that great eater
Of souls how quickly
It devours how quickly
It grows consuming what
Only heaven knows
For it’s ways a far beyond
Hate that great eater
Of men so easily it turns
To enemy a friend from
A lifetime lost for ever
That image Devine of
Peace and tranquility
Hate that great eater
My one and only enemy

Sleep well my dear sleep
Well for your rest is well
Deserved although you are
No longer here every single
Word can I hear within my
Imaginations eye for such
Was your power and your
Sleep well my dear sleep
Well for without you my
Heart is screaming for that
Glow you brought in to my
World you voice was always
So healing to my aching soul
Sleep well my dear sleep

If I told you I wanted to
Be free would you believe
Me from a lifetime of
Misery of observing
Not what others have
Done not to me but the
Unwillingness to let
Others be for I see
The tears in their eyes
And truly it bothers
If I told you I wanted to
Be free could you help
Just possibly and hold
Out your hand and help
Someone stand so they
To could see past the
Shadows of life passing
By so they could look
Upon a reflection and
Recognise it as I
If I told you I wanted to
Be free

Running battles across distant
Lands drawn in deeper to those
Unfamiliar places and yet still
We go on alone and confused
We continue to fight everything
Is used hearts beating with the
Madness of war yet on we push
More and more knowing the
End may come at any time
Dark ally’s and doorways gates
And fences hiding behind any
Defenses who is the enemy all
And any that we see urban
Warfare has different meaning
Shoot on sight no time for
Screening out the innocent
For to hesitate is to lose to
Those hell bent on taking our
Lives no time to rest or catch
Breath for to do so means only
Death which is just a step behind
Fear drives us on further past
The point of sanity and brings us
To that realm of determination
Where heroes and courageous
Men are born of necessity dragged
Into existence for there is no chance
To flee from this battle of the
Will and mind

That Sharpness of the morning
Air crisp and bitterly sweet almost
Enough to stop me right there
Frozen from the feet and yet
I dance to the music as again
I play that tune blocking out all
Else for nothing is there room
Other than that melody which
Urges me on rewind rewind
And again I play that song of
Inspiration practicing my steps
Twist right twist left what was
It that came next I smile to
Myself as the strangers look
On and can not help but wonder
How was it they lost their song
Of joyous wonder you know
The one we’ve known so long
Who’s rhythm of true nature we
Have heard before the pain
Of birth the pounding of the
Heartbeat that connection to
Mother and earth with all things
Natural even before our time
Again I dance to my rhythm
For it helps me to define all
Those things we are and yet
I find I dance alone a healed
Scar over emptiness where
Once I was cut to the bone
To see my inner meaning
That Sharpness of the morning

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