That Sharpness of the morning
Air crisp and bitterly sweet almost
Enough to stop me right there
Frozen from the feet and yet
I dance to the music as again
I play that tune blocking out all
Else for nothing is there room
Other than that melody which
Urges me on rewind rewind
And again I play that song of
Inspiration practicing my steps
Twist right twist left what was
It that came next I smile to
Myself as the strangers look
On and can not help but wonder
How was it they lost their song
Of joyous wonder you know
The one we’ve known so long
Who’s rhythm of true nature we
Have heard before the pain
Of birth the pounding of the
Heartbeat that connection to
Mother and earth with all things
Natural even before our time
Again I dance to my rhythm
For it helps me to define all
Those things we are and yet
I find I dance alone a healed
Scar over emptiness where
Once I was cut to the bone
To see my inner meaning
That Sharpness of the morning