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Shed a tear shed a tear
For the harshness of days
As man comes to his demise
For not changing his ways
And the earth is brought
To ruin
Shed a tear shed a tear
For the forgotten souls
Who gave up their all
Trying to remain whole
And now in regret they
Are stewing
Shed a tear shed a tear
For those who remain
Trying to make sense
Trying to remain sane
Locked in a cage known
Only as mental ruin
Shed a tear shed a tear

My heart turned to stone

Upon the floor after I had

Discarded it for I had no

Use for it any more for

All its intent and purpose

Only left me open for more

Vulnerability hurt and pain

And the strain my mind could

Take no longer so taken from

The chest of keeping it was

No longer needed and fed up

With beating sounds I removed

It without hesitation and cast it

Upon the ground

Should you come across a heat one

Day washed up on the shore

Do take pity on this thing that has

No life no more beating removed

From its owner for it’s cheating

And giving its self away to hurt

And torment of many differing kinds

Too often did it say I will beat for you

Alone and from that path did stray

Should you come across a heart one

Day place it in a box and remember that

Before it was stone it took some heavy

Knocks of life and transparency and at

Times was abused you see before abandonment


Washed up upon the shores
Of imagination stranded on
The island of desolate illusion
Alone without a care of the
Worlds confusion I awoke
To find myself there on the
Beach of loneliness washed
Out by the seas barrage
Of unending waves in an
Attempt to wash away mans
Pollution of everything including
The air I ran free of the
Intrusion of an educated
Mind only to find myself
Questioning those things
I did find amongst the peace
And tranquility which nature
Had defined as being of
Her own making

Do not take my strangeness

With distance of mind

Do not hold it against me

That often I find

It an inability to put

In to words those

Things I do see

And feel within my


For to give explanation

Is to depart from

That thing that drives


In the direction that

I do not see

But follow with my

Mind’s eye closed

For such is my motivation

That only heaven knows

My destination

Beach comber wondering in and out

Of the rocks

Trying to avoid those pot holes

And somehow by luck

Making it back to the shore

Looking back at the distance

How I made it thus far

I am not so sure

Climbing stumbling and sometimes

With a fall

I have travelled this distance

And look back and call

To those I see far off

But were once with me

No left behind in the safety

Of the hillside

I wave goodbye once again

As of into the distance

I roam

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