My heart turned to stone

Upon the floor after I had

Discarded it for I had no

Use for it any more for

All its intent and purpose

Only left me open for more

Vulnerability hurt and pain

And the strain my mind could

Take no longer so taken from

The chest of keeping it was

No longer needed and fed up

With beating sounds I removed

It without hesitation and cast it

Upon the ground

Should you come across a heat one

Day washed up on the shore

Do take pity on this thing that has

No life no more beating removed

From its owner for it’s cheating

And giving its self away to hurt

And torment of many differing kinds

Too often did it say I will beat for you

Alone and from that path did stray

Should you come across a heart one

Day place it in a box and remember that

Before it was stone it took some heavy

Knocks of life and transparency and at

Times was abused you see before abandonment