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The Shadow

Don’t leave me now that

We have come this far

Our distance and time

Together have defined

Who we are

Never before have I been

On my own

Don’t leave me now to be

All alone

Without your company

For without you what is

It that I would be

Don’t leave me now

Hush be still now my children

For if you all talk at once

No one can be heard

What seems to be the

Problem do tell me what

Has disturbed you so so

That you have all woken

At once and in chorus

Now do sing loudly

Hush be still now my children

For you bring nothing but

Confusion when you all

Enter my mind

Be still now be still now

And speak only one

At a time

For too many voices I

Cannot find my own and

Bring reason to my wondering


Hush be still now my children

Empathy sympathy derogatory sensibility

Repeatedly passionately avoidably concernedly

Restrictively predictably intuitionally unavoidably

Predatorily learnedly internally motivationally

It’s funny how you have changed

No longer concerned now that you have aged

Same book same story but on another page

Is how it would seem to me

It’s funny how you have changed

Gone is that eagerness to constantly rage

About those things that were important

To you

You say you’ve moved on got other things

To do

It’s funny how you have changed

Same body same mind but in a different

Stage in life is how you explain the

Changes to me

It’s funny how you have changed

Is this how you really want to be

Blood rushing to the head

Lead to believe that maybe something said

Undid that perception of who you may be

Should you reprimand should you let be

Heard whisperings how could this be so

Imagination doing over time

No longer concerned with is this child mine

Grinding teeth when not doing as their told

Dreams of yesteryear and friends now

Enemies no longer here

Returned to those corridors of time

Engulfed with those emotions

Glued to the minds memories of

Unseen conclusions and being freely

Lead to a path that was not a choice

Attempts to be different met stiffly with noise

Total annihilation of dreams

Of to be

Restricted temptations and hesitations of


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