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Just before my fall

Did you not see me standing
There only my shadow to
Be seen it’s fair but how could
You miss it in that glare of
The passing moons halo
Did you not see me standing
Amongst those dying when
You said I don’t care and in
Your heart you were lying
Did you not see me standing
Alone and confused but without
A care for I to knew you too
Were crying to be free from
The insanity of commercialisms
Did you not see me standing
Holding the hand of that child
Trying so hard to understand
And be a man without a plan
While his brothers and sisters
Were crying to be free from
The humiliation of poverty
Did you not see me standing
With my arms open wide unwilling
And able to hide the tears of
Sorrow for there will be no
Better tomorrow and all we have
Is today to make our stance
And sometimes pray that lord
Just help us make it through
One more day
Did you not see me standing
Just before my fall

When I grew up we used to say
This is Babylon we live in when
We saw police we would kiss
Are teeth and spit where they
Had bin we would gather at
Night and put up a fight if
They came to the party we
Was in now to my surprise
The devil did rise and the tossers
Are greeted with a grin hello
Mr plod with a friendly little
Nod why don’t you come in
And have a cup of tea your
Looking for jimmy just let
Me see if he’s in
When I grew up we used to say
That this system of things
Would not always stay for
The dam thing is built on sin
Rape sodomy colonialism was
Free torture pillage take everything
You see how could this ever
Last let alone get any better
But now we have democracy
And the fat getting fatter it
Would seem the devils here to
Stay gone is the notion of fair
Play as the un and the us of a
Beat and bully their way round
The world all are crying and the
Only thing heard is we want to
Be free to choose free to buy
Free to bring about our own
When I grew up we used to say
Sod tomorrow for we have not
Dealt with today

Oh jah forgive i i have sinned
I saw two Rastas looking on
Their shoes and took them to
Place in da bin with surprise
They look in my eyes to ask if
I was dim I had to remind dem
That from the past is where I
Did begin with no compromise
I reach here not showing any
Fear I cut off my hair for locks
Like dem is a sin when underneath
Is nothing but pride and solitude
No longer Rasta you think your
A dude and sell weed only raping
Our kin of their innocence you
Come with that pretence that
Man has to make a living when
It’s your own your killing with
Skunk and the rest of it’s fren
Oh jah forgive I i have sinned

You’ve shattered my illusion
In the confusion I missed
That reality I thought I was
Safe from the deception and
Conspiracy with you on my
Side standing there beside
Me in the corner that steady
Rock to see and all that time
In mine eye you did see the
Pain and humility of being
Used and abused with lies
You’ve shattered my illusion
For in the end the conclusion
Is your the same as I never
Wanted to be hidden persona
Dam what a groaner you didn’t
Have the balls to tell me you
Deceived all the world but more
Than that you deceived me

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