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Mist of expectations

Is it that time alone that
Sets us free or merely tests
The mentality of resisting
More than the eye does see
In minds imagination
Is it that time alone that
Brings about a quiet shout
From deep within the soul
Let me out let me out and
Release this outer control
Of conformity restriction
And modesty for such things
Are not meant to be born
Out of braking the whole
Is it that time alone that
Makes us wise or merely
Does bring tear to eyes of
Missed opportunity and
Added responsibility of
Performing ones role
Is it that time alone that
We really exist released
And able to see past that
Mist of expectations and
Manipulations of all those
That we know for surely
There must be a world of
Combined unity in which
All looks the same but once
Alone no longer does this
Exist nor encroach into
Our home or brain
Is it that time alone that
Makes us once again whole

Take a walk on the darkside
Open your mind to physicality
No need to be shy let the mind
Run free do everything you
Want to your own body is
There anyone out there gonna
Join me I’ve got an eye for
Pictures you see and the odd
Video ok ok I know I know I’m
Beginning to let perversions
Show so why don’t we just go
Take a walk on the darkside
Well it’s not as bad as what
Jack did to Jill he bent her over
And smacked it and then made
He roll down the hill as he teased
With a feather for an extra
Thrill and that cracked it open
With a smile to kill gushing
Forth with an appeal they did
Take a walk on the darkside
Now back to my little muse
I’ve got a camera that I often
Use but should you be shy then
Ill just abuse your body and
Try to remember with my minds
Keen eye that look upon your
Face as across the bed you
Did race trying to escape from
Me with that plea in your
Eye telling me I’m greedy and
My time was up long ago as
Three minutes were more than
Over dont you know as I reach for
The ky jelly telling you no you must
Be bloody kidding ok let’s stop
For a cup of tea and maybe a
Yorkshire pudding
Take a walk on the darkside

Black people meet
White people meet
Christians meet
Over 50s meet
Cougar meet
Bloody ell any kind of
Meat you fancy is on
Show did I mention
Asian meet
Chinese meet
Jewish meet
Muslim meet
Sod this I’m vegetarian

A true reflection of family
No restrictions on who to
Be but love so tender unconditionally
Given from the heart who
We are may not be who we
Set out intentionally to walk
This path of life but loving
Kindness and support has saved
Us from that final resort of
Having to give our lives so do
Open up wide view you mothers
With pride and give thanks to
That family that have always
Supported whoever you may be
And bow down gracefully to
That unconditional family of

Did I not love you enough
So why did you just brush
Me off as if I was dirt in
Your eye or some passing
By flynight in your sky there
For mere amusement and
Dismissed having used and
Spent my mortality did I
Not give you all I could be
I will not say it was a mistake
But from this experience I
Must take something to set
Me free and the knowledge
That with you I’ll never be
Just may push me along I’ll
Think a while maybe write
A song on how I used to love
You so

Babylon set me free
Babylon set me free
For on blue mountain
Is where I want to be
Where no man own
And all call his home
For as far as the I can
See for wid our grandparents
Dem Rastas be growing
Herbs wid banna tree
To feed the I an I
Babylon set me free
Babylon set me free
Release my soul from
Dis captivity let I an I
Roam educating for free
For from dis is the future
Grown for I an I picany
And the world to be finally
All mans home
Babylon set me free
Babylon set me free

God is great they say when
Make it through another day
We manage to stay alive having
Forgone humiliation and all
Notion of pride to safely get
To bed and rest our head for
Another night merely to wake
At dawn and then remember
After that yawn to greet the
Day that again starts another
Day of test and battling who’s
Side are we on and who will
Win this fight of eternity this
Fight that’s for you and me and
The right to own our souls will
We keep them or are they already sold
To the master of destiny depending
On what side were on is where
We will finally be when the
Judgement is done I hope to
Live and see you my friend
Without that gun you hold
So lovingly for surely the damage
Is already done I watched it
On tv the innocent run while
Politicians eat and chew upon
The deaths of you and me
Syria is not the only one that’s
Fighting this battle you see
For you and I pointed that gun
When we let the devil in for
Free and voted for democracy
So we could be free to watch
Tv and see the dying where
Ever they may be and now on
The news we hear the crying
For the price of liberty

Was I dreaming was I scheming
Was I putting thoughts together
Or were they getting there on
Their own was it only make-believe
Or did I really leave home to walk
Amongst the darkness looking for
The part of me that part which
Is hidden you see and only comes
Out in my dreams and screams of
Agony as I feel the world spinning
And every ounce of sinning as to
It’s master it is weighed out with
Laughter at the death of another
Was I dreaming was I scheming
To set foot in this wilderness with
Notion I must confess of making
Such a place my home but reality
Has a way of creeping even if you
Are sleeping evil will not leave you
Alone for it has that burning desire
To take your soul on home and place
It in that eternal fire that is fueled
With the bones of reichesness and
Those in this wilderness alone
Was I dreaming was I scheming
I’m no longer sure and loosing that
Feeling that things could ever be
Right for as I look and see the fights
Of reality fights for survival and
Fights to be free I realise that slavery
Is not done merely renamed democracy
Pure and simply for fun and to fool
The likes of you and me into thinking
That we had won and escaped that
Life of poverty and convince us that
This was the one that all that mattered is what we can see oh dam
The devil has won

Baroness thatcher baroness thatcher
What a bloody pity the ira didn’t
Catch ya for it only would have been
A little scar now the wounds of
England are open so far there is
No chance of healing no chance
Of concealing the fact we are cut
To the bone and while the body
Does moan the surgeon goes right
On ahead digging in deep looking
At the meat thinking we can have
That when it’s dead
Baroness thatcher baroness thatcher
What a pity the British public
Did not see what those Irish fellows
Knew to be your working the demise
Of the economy so your kin could
Sell gold abroad and thus continue
To horde in your homes and factories
Baroness thatcher baroness thatcher
Gave everyone a home to say now
I got ya go on strike if you dare
I’ll retake that mortgage and not
Give a care as they toss you on
The street for the likes of you fools
I’ll never meet as I drive around in
My car and if I’m on street I’ll never
Walk far for dulwhich is my
Conservative playground but the
Count of rutland is the English
Home to the likes of me
Baroness thatcher baroness thatcher
On a dark winter night I’d like to
Catch ya and give my dog a bone

Oh bear cub bear cub tell
Me what has happened to
Thee to have you wondering
This forest skulking from
Tree to tree where is thy
Mother what could make
Her abandon thee in this
Wilderness with added danger
Of man
Oh bear cub bear cub tell
Me what you know for your
Silence to me is indication
You know of some calamity
And choose to say nothing
Letting what will be be
Oh bear cub bear cub tell
Tell me of your woes that
I too may suffer in silence
And only let power show
In tranquility and gracefulness
Of size
Oh bear cub bear cub tell
Me of life

The length of winter nights
Equate to the depth of there
Darkness for the notions of
Fright grow and creep into the
World for it is not on summer
Nights that we consider the
Shadows nor run from the dead
And unheard as they walk with
Their silence amongst the living
The length of winter nights
That playground for the unforgiven
As they seek revenge and envy
From those of us that are still
Living if it’s true what they are
Saying then there is forty of
Them pulling trying to take us
Away to that place of not knowing
For the only thing they say is
We want your life no matter
What it takes no matter the
Strife for we are the dead and
Know neither husband nor wife
The length of winter nights
Closed doors and fire lights to
Keep us safe and warm to keep
Away the harm for it is not
The cold that would freeze us
But to look upon the face of
Death would release us from
The living light
The length of winter nights

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