God is great they say when
Make it through another day
We manage to stay alive having
Forgone humiliation and all
Notion of pride to safely get
To bed and rest our head for
Another night merely to wake
At dawn and then remember
After that yawn to greet the
Day that again starts another
Day of test and battling who’s
Side are we on and who will
Win this fight of eternity this
Fight that’s for you and me and
The right to own our souls will
We keep them or are they already sold
To the master of destiny depending
On what side were on is where
We will finally be when the
Judgement is done I hope to
Live and see you my friend
Without that gun you hold
So lovingly for surely the damage
Is already done I watched it
On tv the innocent run while
Politicians eat and chew upon
The deaths of you and me
Syria is not the only one that’s
Fighting this battle you see
For you and I pointed that gun
When we let the devil in for
Free and voted for democracy
So we could be free to watch
Tv and see the dying where
Ever they may be and now on
The news we hear the crying
For the price of liberty