Take a walk on the darkside
Open your mind to physicality
No need to be shy let the mind
Run free do everything you
Want to your own body is
There anyone out there gonna
Join me I’ve got an eye for
Pictures you see and the odd
Video ok ok I know I know I’m
Beginning to let perversions
Show so why don’t we just go
Take a walk on the darkside
Well it’s not as bad as what
Jack did to Jill he bent her over
And smacked it and then made
He roll down the hill as he teased
With a feather for an extra
Thrill and that cracked it open
With a smile to kill gushing
Forth with an appeal they did
Take a walk on the darkside
Now back to my little muse
I’ve got a camera that I often
Use but should you be shy then
Ill just abuse your body and
Try to remember with my minds
Keen eye that look upon your
Face as across the bed you
Did race trying to escape from
Me with that plea in your
Eye telling me I’m greedy and
My time was up long ago as
Three minutes were more than
Over dont you know as I reach for
The ky jelly telling you no you must
Be bloody kidding ok let’s stop
For a cup of tea and maybe a
Yorkshire pudding
Take a walk on the darkside