Was I dreaming was I scheming
Was I putting thoughts together
Or were they getting there on
Their own was it only make-believe
Or did I really leave home to walk
Amongst the darkness looking for
The part of me that part which
Is hidden you see and only comes
Out in my dreams and screams of
Agony as I feel the world spinning
And every ounce of sinning as to
It’s master it is weighed out with
Laughter at the death of another
Was I dreaming was I scheming
To set foot in this wilderness with
Notion I must confess of making
Such a place my home but reality
Has a way of creeping even if you
Are sleeping evil will not leave you
Alone for it has that burning desire
To take your soul on home and place
It in that eternal fire that is fueled
With the bones of reichesness and
Those in this wilderness alone
Was I dreaming was I scheming
I’m no longer sure and loosing that
Feeling that things could ever be
Right for as I look and see the fights
Of reality fights for survival and
Fights to be free I realise that slavery
Is not done merely renamed democracy
Pure and simply for fun and to fool
The likes of you and me into thinking
That we had won and escaped that
Life of poverty and convince us that
This was the one that all that mattered is what we can see oh dam
The devil has won