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Can you hear me god I’m ringing

The bell look out your window

The worlds gone to hell visions

Distorted they must be for through

That window you cannot see

What is going on round the corner

Under the windowsill children

Abused children who kill you

Need to step out give a shout

Let them know you are at home

For they seem to have lost

Fear of thee and started to rebel

Can you hear me god I’m knocking

Again the world has got worse

And is now insane religion blasphemes

Your name and supports the devils

Political frame for bringing about

Destruction in the guise of corruption

But it all amounts to the same

Mothers and children crying in

Pain as fathers do die and those

Able refrain from bringing about

A thanks giving

Can you hear me god I’m kicking

The door for can you be home

I’m not really sure for surely

You would be disturbed by the

Noise of this dying world as

All call out for justice in the

Face of what must be disgusting

To thee do you not hear me

Ringing knocking kicking out

My plea

Why am I separated from my

Mother my sister my brother

My cousins and all they could

Be is it that I am Christian and

They are Muslim chose to be

How can it be that the differences

We see when it’s blood that

Is spilt on the streets no one

To defend and governments

Pretend that this is how things

Should be how can I see the

Dying and say it does not

Bother me how can I see

A mothers tears and say

I still see clearly for are

We not the same does

Not my mother feel pain

In birth when to this earth

I did bring my frame of mind

And humility for such things

Are not right to me religion

Needs to be banned for its

People that I would stand

As none deserves such misery

As I do see and fully understand

For democracy and stupidity

Are walking hand in hand if

I did not drive that car there

Would be no blood upon the sand

Seeking oil making some royal

And yet others to disband from

Their place of birth so we can

Dig the earth and steal her riches

And have mass graves and ditches

For those unable to understand

That the price for freedom and

Democracy is to be blind and withhold

That hand that could save thee

A husband a child a mother a wife

In reality I’m slowly loosing

My mind for I look and just

Cannot find that spark of

Inspiration necessary to

Maintain my sanity for all

About me are dying and

Its so hard to see the good

In the people that used to

Be part and parcel of that

Thing we did call community

In reality I’m slowly loosing

Hope of ever being part of

That eternal scope of wisdom

And prosperity what has

Happened to those things

I did see in my childhood

For it would seem now that

We have days without nights

No time for resting no chance

Of avoiding the fight for what

Is deemed wrong and what

Is deemed right

Tell me tell me is this the

Democracy you are dying

To see where officials bribe

And demise all that can be

Where our religion is so

Compromised that it has

The ability to go out and

Buy a presidency

Tell me tell me is this worth

Your children dying for

Do you no see that in this

Life there could be so much

More if we got rid of all

Hierarchy starting with all

Governments and then see

What the future may bring

But until such time it would

Seem that parents are at

The graveside singing the

Songs of deep deep cries

For the departed leaving

Us all just that little less

Human and broken hearted

How can it be that a whole

Country has lived in a prison

Did they not see the possibility

Of this not being a heaven

Were they not aware that

The world does not care

And assisted in their capture

Illusions were sown and

The wicked did roam as

If caught up in rapture

How can it be that a whole

World did not see where

It was heading its destiny

Being commercialism and

The demise of the me there

Is no concept of individuality

The bear has shown its teeth

And religion has taken much

Meat from the usa in biting

Back and having a say in who

Is to be pregnant today and

Tomorrow no consideration

Is given to those that are to

Come those who will be abandoned

And those whose life will be

Devoid of fun for the devils

Assistants have begun to make

There stand and all will see

That that once hidden hand

Of bribery and corruption is

To bring about destruction of

All we have come to know

The war has begun and the

Lines are drawn and are able

To be shown loyalties have

Been sworn paid for in blood


Tears come to my eyes as

I hear a father’s cries as

He buries his children and

Cannot see the reason why

It has come to a time to say

Good bye and it was not he

That was going in the ground

To be at rest ever more

Tears come to my eyes as

I realise how lucky that some

Things can be for those of

Us without the fuss and who

Have the ability to turn off

The sound or turn over the

Tv for we are not in such

Violence with us is merely

A conference one after the

Other to be

Tears come to my eyes as

I realise how compromised

I is in all my vanity and thinking

I am free

The people have spoken how

Their hearts have been broken

When living under tyranny the

People want dignity, life and

The ability to live without the

Strife of police and army on

The street killing those women

And children they meet out

Fighting to preserve their

Homes their families and

Those things they own and

We the world stay at home

And enjoy the show once

Again for we are distant

Both in time and mind and

Do not feel their pain they

Call us the devils and now

Look to us to create their

Heaven for their eyes have

Been opened to the possibility

Of a life supported by democracy

But the battle has only just

Begun for Christianity has proven

That it is not the one to bring

All answers and an end to

Disasters for our own is yet

To come

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