Why am I separated from my

Mother my sister my brother

My cousins and all they could

Be is it that I am Christian and

They are Muslim chose to be

How can it be that the differences

We see when it’s blood that

Is spilt on the streets no one

To defend and governments

Pretend that this is how things

Should be how can I see the

Dying and say it does not

Bother me how can I see

A mothers tears and say

I still see clearly for are

We not the same does

Not my mother feel pain

In birth when to this earth

I did bring my frame of mind

And humility for such things

Are not right to me religion

Needs to be banned for its

People that I would stand

As none deserves such misery

As I do see and fully understand

For democracy and stupidity

Are walking hand in hand if

I did not drive that car there

Would be no blood upon the sand

Seeking oil making some royal

And yet others to disband from

Their place of birth so we can

Dig the earth and steal her riches

And have mass graves and ditches

For those unable to understand

That the price for freedom and

Democracy is to be blind and withhold

That hand that could save thee

A husband a child a mother a wife