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You and your future

Fear has crept into my


Oh how quickly it did realise

And hold your hand

Getting comfortable between

The sheets of my minds


Taking from me those things

Upon which there was

No concentration but now

My eyes are open

To how others will treat


I dread those times which

Are coming and from which

I must choose to do or

Not those things most

Concerning to you

Fear has crept into my


And it is my worries for

You and your future

Food for thought

Food for thought


If I did something regarded as wrong yesterday and to be on the generous side it took say ten seconds… harsh words hurt feelings whatever… put into perspective those ten seconds within one hour within one day will dictate your actions thoughts for the rest of not only that day but many more to come… how much of the present is fixated within such a short period of the past… heal and move forward for your own sake…




Remove my mind from this

Social captivity for its images

Are daunting to me and thereby

Restricting those feelings

I knew once were free

To wonder round the hearts

Imagination for no other

Purpose than just to be

Life can teach us to be humble and thankful for the things we have but it’s man that puts restrictions upon other men so he can profit at their loss and stand tall upon the fallen… Time has shown the person you where and are now but somehow your actions are in conflict with your words for your not who you say you are….!

Keep your distance part 2

Are the British working class
Really so gullible to think they
Are actually middle class just
Cos they allowed to buy a little
Bit of property…? When you check it out the majority of you Have brought houses that the
Government didn’t want to pay
For the upkeep of and now you
Own said houses you have to
Do as your bloody told no strikes
Unions without balls or teeth
Not too much time of or your
Sacked and replaced by a foreign
Muslim worker whom the government have allowed into
The county to keep your wages
Down and you mentally underfoot
Britain is fucked up and you fools
Did it to yourselves by the falseness of allowing the elite to Remain so without accountability
No wonder these politicians and
Bankers carnt come on tv without
Smirking their taking the piss and
Know your too stupid to do anything about it as you’ve brought into this greater than tho Bullshit… Fuck it eastenders is on
I need to adjust my reality as it
Dont seem to conform to the norm

Individuals groups nations and people of kind are not restricted by mere physical things but by pure negativity and those things that restrict the mind… If we where really so wise would we need the continual up building of your nice your loved and your a good person….? The reality is your not nice loved or good so keep your distance…!

Tell me something..! Is there a church that anyone goes to that does not emulate middle and upper class values by the adherence to a dress code. Suit tie an shirt the uniform of conformity and representation of the world and all it’s monitory values…!

As for the public display of baptism on Easter Sunday of the us and British troops before they go kill someone in the name of god and democracy your surely having a laugh..! Fanatics the enemy may be but they don’t need to be paid by the government to kill they are not motivated by accumulation and greed…!

Both political and religious groups should be banned for the current and historical injustices they have bestowed upon mankind end of init…!

That house that’s not a home
Without the eyes for dreaming
And the voice for singing as if
One were alone in a distant
Place and time oh close mine
Eyes and do not open until
Such home is mine for the
Sharing and that place which
You call home

Did I not hear these words
Long ago in those dreams
Of a child that could not know
The coming of the future
And the things life had to

Did we not walk this path
Of destiny that somehow
Did last the imagination of
A young mans frustration
With the world he did find
Trying so hard to make an
Understanding of why his
Brother is unkind to the lost
And confused why it is that
People do use their lives for

I dreamed of holding your
Hand so long ago that forgotten
Memory concealed by the
Things I got to know while
Just becoming me and yet
Here I stand now able to
See and understand that
All these things have brought
Me thus far to thee

I am home now in your
Loving arms and can not
See past your inner charms
For the tears are blinding
Me to that alternate reality
Where peace is lost and
We are not meant to be
Free oh how my soul has
Missed you

Did I not hear those whispers

Of the night over my soul they

Did argue fuss and fight

For it would seem that my

Days are not only my plight

But something to be contested

Deep into the night

By those powers that determine

Wrong from right

It would seem that I am lost

Did memories messenger not

Go astray missing me to recall

Those things we did say to each

Other in the darkness of daylight

When all was eclipsed from the

Sight of minds true meaning

And imaginations eye as

Shadows where cast as

Wonder by we did not seeing

The world or those staring trying

To gain eyes attention for

Was not love the contention that

Brought it to the attention of

The world all wanting to

Destroy the word of love

That had come between us

Did memories messenger not

Recognise me and see the

Determination of mine heart

Or is it that mine own mind

Is deceived into thinking that

This is love and we will never


Come walk with me a

Come walk with me a
While while I try to
Remember eyes memory
Of those images when
Things for us were true
As lived in that moment
I got to both see and
Know who your soul
Belongs to and those
Considerations you did
Impart upon the world
And mines imagination
Come walk with me a while
As I remember those times
Of what it is to love again

Is it death that has

Is it death that has
Shown true meaning
To the beauty of the
Darkness and all it
Has to offer and take
Away from me the true
Pain of knowing that
All things are meant to
Be forsaken for a new
Beginning there has to

To hear your heart breaking
With each spoken word beneath
The mirrors of confusion and
That distant knowing that there
Is a truth in reality that binds
Us apart I close my eyes to
The blindness of seeing and
Know that I have played my

With such regret I
See the shadows beneath
The tears of your eyes
As realisations of time
Spent in search of your
Own demise comes
To a close for paid in
Full you have been and
Now is the time to close
That dream you call your

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