Did I not hear these words
Long ago in those dreams
Of a child that could not know
The coming of the future
And the things life had to

Did we not walk this path
Of destiny that somehow
Did last the imagination of
A young mans frustration
With the world he did find
Trying so hard to make an
Understanding of why his
Brother is unkind to the lost
And confused why it is that
People do use their lives for

I dreamed of holding your
Hand so long ago that forgotten
Memory concealed by the
Things I got to know while
Just becoming me and yet
Here I stand now able to
See and understand that
All these things have brought
Me thus far to thee

I am home now in your
Loving arms and can not
See past your inner charms
For the tears are blinding
Me to that alternate reality
Where peace is lost and
We are not meant to be
Free oh how my soul has
Missed you