Keep your distance part 2

Are the British working class
Really so gullible to think they
Are actually middle class just
Cos they allowed to buy a little
Bit of property…? When you check it out the majority of you Have brought houses that the
Government didn’t want to pay
For the upkeep of and now you
Own said houses you have to
Do as your bloody told no strikes
Unions without balls or teeth
Not too much time of or your
Sacked and replaced by a foreign
Muslim worker whom the government have allowed into
The county to keep your wages
Down and you mentally underfoot
Britain is fucked up and you fools
Did it to yourselves by the falseness of allowing the elite to Remain so without accountability
No wonder these politicians and
Bankers carnt come on tv without
Smirking their taking the piss and
Know your too stupid to do anything about it as you’ve brought into this greater than tho Bullshit… Fuck it eastenders is on
I need to adjust my reality as it
Dont seem to conform to the norm