Selective policing and the testing of surveillance laws in Rutland County…!

Having been asked to keep a diary of local disturbances out side my yard by the local beat Babylon ;o due to local kids being foul mouthed and bullying both younger kids and adults I was somewhat surprised to receive a visit from said Babylon enquiring if I had videos of said abusive kids being abusive to my neighbor. His concerns were not that the kids were being abusive but whether or not I had broken the law in videoing them without their parents consent. It was my intention to video them but the camera was in picture mode ;s not only shall I video them should they return and carry on with this kind of behavior but also any subsequent visits from the Babylon as they have and continue to demonstrate that what I do is of more concern and interest to them than those things they would supposedly have me do for them or other breaches of the peace or law. The poor neighbor got no response when she phoned to report she was being verbally abused ;s after all this is the County of Rutland