I regard myself as a developing sprit and as such I am concerned as to the loss of my brothers and sisters to the constraints of religion and it’s hypocrisy for how is it that you love that which was brought about to distort you to confine your being to history with no part to play than the mystery of why you are hated so. I cry for you my children for the time of your being misled is close to being revealed and how so you will cry loudly we did not know we did not know…!

I went seeking Jesus and
Did not find him in the politicians
Lair there was something about
That conformity the suite tie and
Well groomed hair that seemed
So out if place and not to care

I went seeking Jesus and
In the churches he was not
There behind the colours of
Grandeur and the distance
That is more than air from
The alter to that first old lady
In the pew to me at the back
Looking at you and wondering
Is this really true that mans
Rule has come to an end

I went seeking Jesus and
Did not find him until I went
Home and he asked where
Have you been for I was
Here waiting for you