How corrupt are Leicestershire police…..? having been called to investigate the most disgusting of abuse scenarios theft from the elderly ;s Leicestershire police investigated the systematic and continual theft of large amounts of money from the account of a resident of the care village in Oakham Rutland. A total of £16.000 had been steadily and slowly withdrawn from a residents bank account. Upon investigation the police “found” the money at the back of the safe of the care home and were given the justification that the resident had requested that the money be withdrawn from the bank and stored in the safe ;o . The investigation was dropped and no charges were brought ;s wtf….? there’s either some serious dick sucking going on here or those involved have great influence for to money in such a way could not have been achieved by one individual 2. Are there not laws protecting the elderly from such abuse 3. It must go against every known practice within the care industry for this to be able to take place in the first instance 4. Whops forgot this is Rutland and they need respond nor justify their actions to no one ;s