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Not lost

Glazed are the eyes that
Have seen death waiting
And look back in remembrance
Of how things were yesterday
Glistening every now and
Again with the delights of
Memory and once again
Life appears and there is
The reflection of what used
To be you oh how I wait
Patiently between those
Hours just to see your smile
Once more and know just
For that second that all is
Not lost

That image that is part
Of thee when removed
It is difficult to see that
Which you pertain to be
Different from the rest
For does not your heart
Beat slowly to the wonders
Of life as you fixate upon
The distance travelled and
Miss the setting of the sun
As it reveals that which
Lays ahead
Lost is the wonder of now
As you gaze upon the future
Of what could be and restrict
All tomorrows rest easy now
For now it is easy to see your
Blindness of the world that
Could be released from mere

There be a god if just pure
Imagination it was that spurred
On the hearts desire to be
More than life’s beat keeping
Track of times elision as
Into the future we see that
Deception of death and set
About it’s ankles as fleas
Annoyed with their keeper
And giver of life the dog
And still we progress to that
Deception of acquisition
That would have our thoughts
Sleep soundly for another
Thousand years deaf to the
Cry’s for release and recognition

Hold not my heart guilty
For the transgressions of
Love for were we not
Once mortal before this
Hand of destruction brought
Us to conclusion of eternal
Betrayal of war pain and
Anger born anew with each
Setting of the moons glow
Upon the face of innocence
Hold not my mind responsible
For the fleeing of it’s cousin
Confusion as upon your face
It did gaze until the onset
Of blindness for this is now
All I see and once again
The sun chases the moon
Seeking forgiveness for the
Distance now between them
And the tide does rise and
Bow lowly accepting those
Tears of surrender and defeat

My eyes constantly feel
Like they have grit in from
That loss of regulatory sleep
And the depriving of ones
Time of imagination is causing
The mind and heart to imagine
Those things once distant
From reality becoming my new
Companions of disillusionment
As the shadows of the night
Do now guide the days awakening
Is it that time once again where
Madness is my friends upon
Whom I can depend not to
Abandon me in the wake of
Realities downfall for once
Again I bid my sanity fairwell

Visionary demons into sleep
Do creep seeking rest until
Time to meet like of it’s own
Kind within the darkness of
Minds acceptant of it’s will
While faces do melt to reveal
The true nature of it all for
Are we not the fear behind
The shadows of yesteryear
Run quickly now for time is
Near of a choosing to die or
Live in fear of ones self

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