I had a conversation the other
Day with a stranger that took
To my heart the young lad and
I sat on some steps oblivious
To those going up and down
In seemingly such a hurry
He told me of his pain and
Frustration at the present and
Past and of those issues he
Felt he had to deal with in order
To move forward he introduced
Me to his recent wife whom
Had come looking for him and
Now stood nearby semi transfixed
Upon our scene and for a time
The world slowed down as our
Souls exchanged greetings and
Rejoiced in the recognition of
Another human being he reminded me so much of the
Children in life seeking guidance
Each in their own way every
Day is fathers day regardless
Of who’s is the child and while
I may never see him again my
Family has grown the strange
Thing is that despite not knowing
Him I felt safe enough to hug
Him for we all need to know we
Are loved including our imperfections and knowledge and
Experience amount to nothing
If not shared freely I wonder what
His name is…!