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Should I let go of the chains
That bind me should I suddenly
Become free
Would I find that new found
Freedom would somehow
Redefine me
Should I let go of the chains
Of containment and no longer
Be able to see
Those restrictions of safety
That somehow also protect

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I am a Reflection of You

Out of the shadow...comes light...

Out of the shadow…comes light…

Out of the shadow I peek
Not sure of the brightness
Nor what I do seek but there
Is something tempting for
Me to be some other thing
Than shadows you see so
Out of the shadow I crawl
Not able to stand it I stumble
And fall for the brightness
Now hurts my eyes and somehow
Through anguish sorry and
Goodbyes I find myself alone
Gone is my comfort my darkness
My home
Exposed in the glare of the light
I raise up defences so ready to
Out of the shadows alone
I look back longing for that
Darkness my home

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I am a Reflection of You

Blood Stained - Hands

Blood Stained – Hands

I feel dirty myself I cannot stand
For I have committed murder
But it was not by my hand and
Yet I see the blood slowly it
Does trickle outside that glove
Of skin I do ware
That division that says to
My soul do I care that it
Was not me this time
What was the motive surely
Not mine for I did not raise
A finger but yet in my mind
The thought still does linger
That I have blood stained hands
For I looked the other way
As they made up their plans
For the killing of the youth
Not with guns but withholding
The truth that love conquers
All no longer will or able to
Stand tall for I have blood
On my hands I might as well
Have strangled them all for
I have blood on my hands

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I am a Reflection of You

I Wish...

I Wish…
… that time would stand still…

I wish I could do it again
So many lovers so many friends
Time no longer stands still
Each day that is passing is
So easily filled with distance
Of things gone by so many
Times did I laugh or cry at
Things now so precious to
Gone are those things that
Used to be me oh how I wish
That time would stand still
For so many things would
I so want to fill with passion
From this heart of mine
I must now warn you old age
Is a crime of neglect and
The stealing of time

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I am a Reflection of You

Just Give Me One Minute

Just Give Me One Minute
I’ll be ok
I’m only resting not planning
To stay
For I’m weary from the journey
Begun yesterday
Or so it would seem
Just give me one minute
Let me rest my bones
This has been hard
Travelling alone
On this dark and bumpy
Just give me one minute
Then I’ll leave you alone
To try and find
My own way
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I am a Reflection of You

Hands Of Time

Hands Of Time
Do you not see the history
In these lines
So many hello’s
So many goodbyes
Each wrinkle each line
Merely reflecting those
Hands of time
As they slowly passed by
The years
Laughter and tears
Love and fears all
Amount to the same
Over years
For the memories are

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I am a Reflection of You

Release Me

Release me
From this thing now my home
Cold as ice solid like stone
Release me and let
My soul free to roam
To where you used to
For trapped within this
Thing divine echo’s not
Heard of life there’s no
Release me
For containment is a crime
Release me from this

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I am a Reflection of You

Dance With Me

Dance with me like the leaf
On a breeze
Dance with me
Spin and turn bend at the
Dance with me
Sway this and thata way
Let your hair flow free
No matter what they say
Dance with me

Dance with me
Like the leaf in the wind
Falling tumbling continually
Dance with me
Like we’re floating on
No regrets or concerns
With only one care
Dance with me
And my heart I will
With you
Dance with me

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I am a Reflection of You

Now I’m broken

Did you want to see me broken?

Did you want to see me broken
And fall to the floor
Did you want to see the pieces
And recognise me no more
Should I be swept aside and
From you all my pieces hide
No longer able to see
That wholeness that used to
Be me
Did you want to see me broken
For I am and now I’m free

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I am a Reflection of You

Did not my mother bless me
With life given from the heart
Did she not hold my hand at
Times when I strayed apart
From true meaning and my
Wicked ways I did screening
From her sight knowing full
Well those things she told me
Were right
Did not my mother bless me
And tell me everything would
Be alright as lost in that darkness
I struggled to see the light of
The coming morning listening
To her echoes while Satan
Stood there scorning the solidity
Of her faith
Did not my mother bless me
When she said to the self be
True for we can hide from all
Others but in the end god says
I knew you were mine
Did not my mother bless me
My son I pass this blessing
Now on to you to hold no
Fear within your heart to accept
Your mistakes and move on
From that path of distraction
For there is little satisfaction
From those things not of the
Hearts inclination
Did not my mother bless me

Crash an burn crash an burn
Tell of the lessons learned when
Wings are scorched and body
Burned in an eternal fire of
Damnation and no physical
Payment or restoration as an end
To the creation seems to be
The only thing we’ve earned
How loving of thee my fathers
To leave such hypocrisy as
To listen but not hear see
But do not touch touch but
Do not taste here’s religion
In ya face do as I say and
Let me get away with my
Inadequacy for I’m not perfect
You see but more than willing
To lecture thee on the rights
And wrongs of life for I have
No need of wife when your
Children will be playthings
Just for me do you not see
The devil has new meaning
When churches turn blind
Eye to screaming and compromise
Politically with all the nations
For they care not for creation
But merely what the eye
And hand can see
Crash an burn crash an burn

Is there something history
Did not tell me about who
My real friends be and where
The hidden enemy does hide
Is it not within the Walls
Of seclusion and deep between
Layers of pride and prejudice
Ruling in confusion of the
Is there something history
Did not show me as men
Were sold with pony’s and
Women stripped with nothing
Left to hide but their sanity
Deep behind the pain shown
In their eyes reflecting pure
Reality and how they were
Is there something history
Has not taught for all education
Is thwart with notions of
The other and the lies of
The nations in battles of
Creation and who was won
And whom compromised
Is there something history
Has shown that despite
Our advancement how
Little we have grown
When people are still
Hungry and so many
Without a home and
All this we sanctify

I’m going to walk a
Mountain hoping I’ll
Stop counting my steps
By the time i reach
The top and have no
Consideration of next
Thing in line to do
I’m going to walk a
Mountain hoping I’ll
Be sitting by some
Fountain as it seeps
Up from the earth
I’ll take part in it’s
Freshness and really
Try hard not to curse
The demise of nature
All about our eyes
For not even water
Is free for you and
Me then maybe I’ll
Climb on up and sit
Upon the cusp of it’s
Highest peek looking
And hoping to meet
My maker but I’ll take
Pen and paper knowing
I’ll be inspired with
That desire to express
What I do see
I’m going to walk a
Mountain hoping I’ll
Find a place to be it
Would be so lovely
If you could come with
Me but always and
Forever your life is
To busy chasing shadows
Instead of reading meadows
And their tale of history

Run free run free
Oh devils children
With me let us
Confound them
With mystery
Hide it deep in
History so that
None are able
To see the destiny
And ultimate
Inevitability that
Awaits the we
Run free run free

What your not my friend
No more was it something
You did or saw was it
Something I said or should
Have done instead or should
I have asked for more
What your not my friend
Now should I pretend that
I never knew you should
I now open my heart and
Take out that part that
Always reassured you that
I would be there until the
End that on me you could
Depend and no matter what
Others do say I’ll be here
For you every day now
Your yelling at me about
How unhappy you are
What your not my friend
So I’ll cover that scar with
No memory I’ll try and
Forget your the same as
Me and concentrate instead
That we all make mistakes
Even if only in our heads
And when the time does
Come you know I’ll be the
One to still hold your hand
And forever help you stand
For you will be always my

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