I love talking to peeps about religion and the bible in particular… and those that know the bible very well and are able to quote chapter and verse are, in my opinion, empty hearted and living a fallacy in the extreme. Repetitive reading reinforces knowledge and thus they read and read and read until their only response is to regurgitate that which they pass as knowledge faith and understanding. But the truth be that they are empty confused and convinced by self and or others that it is the truth, but they lack the ability to take any of the bibles notions out of context and apply them to life. And thus they portray this I am holy crap till it makes me want to puke. I don’t know the bible but I know my own heart and it’s inclination. Such peeps should practice what they preach. God did not put man on the earth to take two jobs so he can buy that new car house tv or whatever. If you was working to put food on the table you’d be a bloody farmer, you wouldn’t need two home’s or three holidays a year to de-stress your ass you’d be elated with just the knowledge of god and self. Mans manipulation of the truth is consistent with no wavering for its purpose is nothing other than the control of man. I have not come across a religion as of yet that is not compromised by this system of things. It is often justified by those parts of the bible like give unto Cesar but the truth is you are being told and programmed to do as your told by the rulers of this system and this world as it stands is not in the hands of god for it was given unto the devil until such a time as god see’s fit to take back control. So me personally would take on any government or its representative for I know where they get their authority from and it’s not Jah… I say ban all religion burn down the churches and give the money to the poor elderly and orphans and that would be it done an end to poverty and the like for none are as rich as those that control the strings of secular religion and it’s associate supports within the political sphere.