Crash an burn crash an burn
Tell of the lessons learned when
Wings are scorched and body
Burned in an eternal fire of
Damnation and no physical
Payment or restoration as an end
To the creation seems to be
The only thing we’ve earned
How loving of thee my fathers
To leave such hypocrisy as
To listen but not hear see
But do not touch touch but
Do not taste here’s religion
In ya face do as I say and
Let me get away with my
Inadequacy for I’m not perfect
You see but more than willing
To lecture thee on the rights
And wrongs of life for I have
No need of wife when your
Children will be playthings
Just for me do you not see
The devil has new meaning
When churches turn blind
Eye to screaming and compromise
Politically with all the nations
For they care not for creation
But merely what the eye
And hand can see
Crash an burn crash an burn