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Did not life’s beach upon we meet

With hearts open our souls did greet

The breaking of the waves upon the

Shore we gave that thing eternal in

Life that thing with which from the

Others divide true meaning in minds

Inclination and from the spirit does

Ward of starvation for that eternity

To be free from restraints of mentality

Oh how such things are meant to be

In the true foundations of the heart

So here I sit upon that shore gone

Are notions of want and more as I

Wait for your return upon the rising

Tide of the moon and suns directions

Did not the seed of passion
We plant long ago before the
Rant of mankind upon the earth
Did not we nurture it’s growth
With the expansion of the mind
Seeking searching every day
Hoping somehow to find those
Things of life forgotten in youth
Those things we knew that once
Were the truth of it all
Did not the seed of passion
Grow and bring us to this point
Merely to open up the eyes
And tell us once was joint we
All to the universe and to physicality we did fall just to
Learn that lesson that my love
Must be totally free
Did not the seed of passion
Grow freely once and for all

Desert flower of wilderness
How put together in loves
Distress how alone thy must
Removed from the beauty
Of thy place in heaven maybe
Left once more upon the
Shore of the minds imagination
How does it be that with the
Lack to see you remain my
Desert flower of wilderness
Should I pluck thee to safety
And watch as you wither and
Die there before mine eyes
Of beauties envy and my own
Demise for are we not one
And the same playing this
Game of what could and could
Not be oh my come back to me
Desert flower of wilderness

When shadows fall from
Distance tall like leaves
From the tree of life in that
Growing darkness I’ll await
That one like wife for her
Loyalty and consideration
That she did show to me
As she held my heart up
High not allowing the destruction
Of those that did amble by
In their ignorance causing
Others to fall and in return
I’ll give to her that thing that
Eludes us all
Peace be to thee my love
Last leaf upon life’s tree

Cold and alone without
Substance no need of
Direction to take no need
Of physicality or worries
Of making mistakes
Blown by the winds of
Mutation constantly changing
Cold and alone without
Substance I disperse with
A destiny to make

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