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Tell me what it is that you see

When you close your eyes and look at me

Can you lose that illusion

That thing we create and is enhanced

By the confusion of the mind

Tell me what it is that you see

When I open my heart to all I can be

Do you feel the pain that I have carried

This far

Can you feel the scares that make me whole

Is there room for you to understand my soul

For it has been here for such a long time

Seeking searching trying to define those things that confine me

Tell me what it is that you see

In me

This vase that I am in

This container this implicater

Of sin

This physicality that so

Often restricts me is

The giver of such gifts

For it is with this that

I hold you and kiss your

Lips hold your hands

And hug you to that

Point where I feel

Grand and for which

There is that space which

Is where I keep you in

My heart


I have a dream

I have a dream

That one day I will make it

To that place where all things

Are equal

That the sun will shine on all

Things great and small

That death will be no more

I have a dream

I have a dream

That we will walk in the way

Of the spirit and all things

Will come to the light of love

That tears will be for the glory

Of life and the relighting of that

Darkness that has overcome us

I have a dream

I have a dream

I’ve been here before

I know it for sure

Because I have dreamt it

Or maybe I’m mad

Which would be rather sad

As I feel things are meant to be

I’ve been here before

I’ve had this feeling that

This is the way to go

Old faces that are sad

People I meet that are glad

It all seems to make sense

Some how

Past lovers or brothers

Or sisters of friends and often

Get that feeling upon nothing

It depends for it happens

All the time

I’ve been here before

And want to know more

Of what life has for me

I’ll walk once more bare foot

Upon the shore and see

Where it leads me

Should we meet on the way

There’s one thing I’ll say

Leave your heart open to

Greet me xxXxx

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