Not much further now
As I get closer to the wall
Of exclusion I see the cracks
In it’s base and realise the
Illusion is only from afar
Not much further now
I quicken my pace no running
With haste I head towards
Those gaps big enough to
Ride a horse why did I not
See before of course that’s
Why the distance was forbidden
For me to cross should I
Learn the truth
Not much further now
Even as a youth I saw the
Lies concealing the truth
In those directions I was
Told to grow adults did say
That’s not the way to go
Nor are those the directions
Do you not know
Not much further now
Having now crossed that
Gulf of knowing all is showing
Itself to be nothing other
Than false reality for on
The other side I do see what
Looks like paradise
Not much further now
I close my eyes and rest for
The very last time before
Reaching my destination and
Realise that my dreams are
Close at hand
Not much further now