Cold steel pressed against
My skull I know that when
You are done you would have
Robbed me of my sanity or
Any life that was meant for
Me and yet to come as you
Enter my mouth my eyes
Do open wide not with humiliation
But with a surprise of how
This intrusion feels and those
Thoughts of what it reveals
Of how close this is to the act
Of sex it’s been three minutes
Now and you are not done yet
What is it that you want of
Me do you Desiree that I moan
And groan for the keeping of
My life like a man in poverty
It’s clear to me now that this
Is all the man you will every
Be taking things not in love but
Merely theft and robbery my
Mind turns quickly for you have
No balls this is all about your
Stupidity your weakness and
Your floors for you have no
Internet on herring my you
Eyes have deceived you and
Revealed to me what is only
True that you live of the fear
Of what you do to others and
Now the truth I have discovered
There is nothing you can do
To me for regardless of your
Act in the end it is me that
Is free to avenge this act done
To me I’ll see you again in this
Lifetime and sweet revenge my
Loving friend will surely be