The lengths of winter nights
Equate to the depth of there
Darkness from the notions of
Fright grow and creep into the
World for it is not on summer
Nights that we consider the
Shadows nor run from the dead
And unheard as they walk with
Their silence amongst the living
The lengths of winter nights
That playground for the unforgiven
As they seek revenge and envy
From those of us that are still
Living if it’s true what they are
Saying then there is forty of
Them pulling trying to take us
Away to that place of not knowing
For the only thing they say is
We want your life no matter
What it takes no matter the
Strife for we are the dead and
Know neither husband nor wife
The lengths of winter nights
Closed doors and fire lights to
Keep us safe and warm to keep
Away the harm for it is not
The cold that would freeze us
But to look upon the face of
Death would release us from
The living
The lengths of winter nights