When I grew up we used to say
This is Babylon we live in when
We saw police we would kiss
Are teeth and spit where they
Had bin we would gather at
Night and put up a fight if
They came to the parry we
Was in now to my surprise
The devil did rise and the tossers
Are greeted with a grin hello
Mr plod with a friendly little
Nod why don’t you come in
And have a cup of tea your
Looking for jimmy just let
Me see if he’s in
When I grew up we used to say
That this system of things
Would not always stay for
The dam thing is built on sin
Rape sodomy colonialism was
Free torture pillage take everything
You see how could this ever
Last let alone get any better
But now we have democracy
And the fat getting fatter it
Would seem the devils here to
Stay gone is the notion of fair
Play as the un and the us of a
Beat and bully their way round
The world all are crying and the
Only thing heard is we want to
Be free to choose free to buy
Free to bring about our own
When I grew up we used to say
Sod tomorrow for we have not
Dealt with today