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This is the start of the higher division of the
Haves and have nots. All court actions require
A past president and this is the one which will
Bring many repercussion. The wealthy whom
Are more protective of the stolen wealth are
More likely to have a legal weapon in their homes
This is huntsmen country and they have just
Been given freedom to shoot burglars as stated
By the judge this is the chance the took when
The went into property isolated in the country.
That is the drawing of such a clear class line
That I bit it would not take much investigation 
To uncover that the culprits in this instance were
Town or city dwellers. The legal system is an
Indication of the actions and intentions of the
True elite in this country think of what has just
Taken place without public consultation of political
Request or debate. Burgle the rich and you will
Be shot….!

The thing is you pass these guys every day on the street… No one had anything good to say about this guy when he was alive ;s and I haven’t heard one decent comment about him since he was killed… Family boy that’s a new one to me didn’t even know he had kids let alone big family in the area ;o wtf had they us we taken more time with him could we have prevented his murder … Erm I had two run ins with him and had to tell him the next would be the last as I carnt be dealing with messers but does anyone deserve to be murdered..! We are all part of and responsible for our communities and even here in sleepy hollow the crime rates are slowly creeping up as certain peeps do what they want when they want but who can blame them we have the example of the local Rutland County Council Leicestershire Police and Catmose College that endorse a bullying policy that is second to none it was merely a matter of time before it was imitated upon the streets of Oakham… Personally I say gun dog and don’t give second chances…! I bumped into Martin Brookes two days ago, one of Oakhams more active and vocal individuals I like the way he attempts to hold the council accountable for there actions the only person I think down here that has has as many court cases with the bigots as myself ;s

The hallmark of an institution run by bigots is the continual notion of I didn’t speak to you last time lets start all over again…. The fact that you do not speak to the same person twice is irrelevant none of them read the bullshit the last person wrote down anyway and thus you are passed from pillar to post and kept busy…. Incompetence at its highest level and it is thus that I view Rutland County Council and Catmose College…! 

(a)(a)  The best thing you can do for anyone incarcerated is impart knowledge upon the.. Open your heart and send them a book…! (6)(6)

You and me

This is what I do when caught at the station after missing the train
Dam living in a place with only one train an hour is a bummer but the bright side is the police station shuts at 9.30pm hahahaha ;D

Did not that dreams reality
Cause my mind to open
And see the starting of the
Dawn a new beginning for
You and me
Did not that dreams reality
Crush those things that could
Not be for time has a hold
Upon all
Sleep soundly now for the
Night be short and before
We know it by daylight we
Are caught having to run
Away from dream
Did not that dreams reality
Make us so alive

Love again

What happens to the love
That we do not give
Does it become bitter
And twisted and no longer
Live in the glow of the eyes
It isn’t any wonder or a
Surprise to see the darkness
In so many faces that
Anticipation waiting to change
Places with the goodness

That attraction to another
Whom is glowing
That calling to the soul
Without really knowing
What’s going on
That expression of love
That is so very strong that
It pulls like a magnet till
You can not hold on to
The minds reality and thus
Are blinded and do not
See that the love you’ve
Taken is that of another
And was only there for
You to discover as someone
Else had enticed it first
Brought it to the surface
Before it did burst into
Full bloom and now you
Have taken when there is
No room within your heart
And once again the circle
Does start to lose and find
Love again

We only see in our

Memory those things

Warped and distorted

From who we may be

For distance has changed

That time

What used to be yours

Now surly is mine for

The eye sees what it

Wants to be

We only see in our

Distant dreams those things

In focus or so it would seem

For do I need my glasses to

Dream surely not although

I am blind this memories of

Old I am able to find

With my eyes closed

Distorted memory of a twisted

Reality is it what I remember

Or is it what you see

My mind has lost true meaning

For I have forgotten what I

Could be in my attempts to

Wear your shoes and sometimes

Uses that descriptive you use

To describe me

Distorted memory of a twisted

Reality I look and only see


Of what is reality

Is that a shadow upon the wall

In which so many spiders crawl

Or is there nothing there other

Than the haze in my mind

For I often wonder when

I open my eyes what is it

That exactly will I find

With my changing concept

Of what is reality

Will I one day open and

There be nothing to see

Is that a shadow upon the wall

Dose it take time for you

To look like that

Fix up your face or it

Just may crack into a

Smile from within those

Eyes glistening from

Behind those shades

Of darkness

Does it take time for you

To realise the truth

Gone are the days

Of wonder and youth

Or at least I have been



Concerns do sometimes

Show when act like me

Then you want to know

Why I act that way in return

Is it that you sometimes burn

With that deep and irritating


Weep for me not

On that winters night

When soul does hide

And mind take flight

Away to distant and

Warmer lands for this

Coldness of spirit my

Heart can not stand

Any longer

Weep for me not

Should I not return

For my body is weary

From lessons learned

Of how to fly in the

Darkness of the mind

Weep for me now for

Back to realities way

I can not find

Distant thunder of the dancing


Beating out the rhythm of mine


Do you not hear the beat and

Feel that deepness from which

The soul can not part

For are we not reflections of

Distant times and places of

Echo’s of the past seeking that

Immortality of becoming the

Future to last for always to

Become that distant thunder


While I sit here feeling

Your pain my eyes fill

With tears once again

The pain of growing

And the adult knowing

That mistakes are our

Own to make but do

You not see my heart

On that stake of life

As I watch the struggle

And cringe at the strife

We call love and friends

In this life

So much of my feelings

Upon you depend but

I close my eyes and step

Back a while

If I hold on a little longer

I know I’ll see that smile

Once again ;s

Did not mine eyes
Entice you to that
Place of hidden dreams
Did not my warm embrace
Hear the echoes of
The dreams lost deep
Within your heart
Did not that tender
Loving kiss make you
Want to start
To live once more
Open was your mind
To that personal interpretation
Of love between us we
Did find
Did not mine eyes
Behold you in that
Bleak and failing light
So many call life
Did not I love you enough
To ease out the fright
Of your own mind

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