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This is the kind of crap Rutland council officials get the police to draw up for them I’d wipe the floor wid you sorry ass selves……!


Rutland police refuse to investigate assault of a minor at Catmose College by a member of it’s support staff despite having viewed the supporting evidence of an assault haven taken place. Am I really expected to ware that, I know in the past you have fobbed people of in Oakham in order for you to carry out your discriminatory and bigotry actions but come on you know your blatantly taking the piss now…. still not to worry I know exactly what to do with you sorry inbred asses…!

What a bunch of tossers….. Rutland police have yet to respond to my request for information in regards to the illegal issuing of a caution and the miss use of it’s authority and power to state that this would remain upon my records for five years….. with their continual discriminatory practices towards individuals within the county of Rutland you would think that there is no concern for responsibility and accountability…. I am sure that they feel very comfortable in their endeavours to intimidate and manipulate individuals within Rutland with the full support of both local and national government. With the likes of the dickhead local MP and the dickhead sucking chief exec of Rutland I am so they are more than confident that they can take on all comers …. Well I’m here and I’m coming for you….!

Why is it that I constantly see the police talking to the dealers in this little town laughing an joking wid them on the street how much they paying you fuckers ;s you both want hanging full stop jokasses….!

To the family of Stephen Lawrence….

My mind been running on this family all day
I did my dissertation on the Stephen Lawrence case
When at uni and was told that my over all mark would
Be marked down for my racist views and comments therein
The fact that my tutor was a coconut should not surprise anyone
For these are the one’s like the sell outs before them that assist
In keeping us down for they take the devils money and do his work…
But they have help from the stupidity of us for there has been and
May well again be times when I have reacted rather than acted
Struck out before picking up pen an paper but
I got one thing to say to you young and not so young
who carry on like your bad in the inner cities dem…
You think your bad enough to walk street alone
Then come to the country
You want to beat on people
Them come to the country
You want to rob people
Them come to the country
You want to shoot people
Them come to the country
You want to make people scared to come out their yards
Them come to the country
Then and possibly only then will things change for you, yours and ours
For Jah know that if it wasn’t for the strength of the Lawrence family and
Those that have sacrificed before them our mental and physical confinement
Would be far worse than it is blessings be upon such people who never gave
Up hope and continually sought justice in an unjust world…!




Why is this a surprise to anyone he’s actually expressing a view that is held by so many whom live in the country they want ghetto folks to stay In the ghetto is all and seeing as you have obliged for so many generations the thought of mass numbers does actually scare them on the eve of the death of Steven this is so bloody apt this guy actually looks like so many of the inbreds that I pass daily and it’s only cos they know ill lick them down that they stopped expressing so openly but here in Rutland this is the view openly expressed by council and police officials headmasters and the like this is the realness of English men…!

Forced to resign, the race-storm Tory councillor who doesn’t want ‘coloured’ pupils on his doorstep…
Tory councillor John Cherry, 73, (inset) has resigned after suggesting inner-city children from a ‘coloured area’ would not be welcome at a proposed new school (pictured) in the village of Stedham, Sussex.

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Tell me something Hellen Briggs how the hell did you get to be the chief executive of Rutland County Council with a cooking qualification ;s you must have been sucking some serious dick the fact that you lie, cheat waste tax payers money support racist policy and producer I would suppose are small achievements compared to landing that job but then this little club of Rutland corrupt police and council officials must keep your jaw busy as I don’t think women are allowed in are they ;s sorry mybad your not all woman I get ya ;D lord I beg you please have mercy upon this creature whatever it may transpire that it is in Jah name AMEN….!


Masons and their equals seem to be behind the scenes within Oakham Rutland County Council and several of the higher ranking police officers are supportive members… they have continually victimised individuals within Oakham for ever but I am here to tell you Councilor Charles Haworth run and tell your friends I’m coming for you one by one because I hold no fear of man especially those of you whom have sided with the devil justice shall prevail Jah know….!


The Vale of Catmose College have now decided to investigate my son’s assault… the fact that I know you have carried out your investigation and shown the evidence to the police whom have yet still to press charges does not change the fact that your actions are discriminatory in nature and kind… I aint done with you yet jokers…!

MP Alan Duncan your a cunt… you know of the raist practices of Rutland County Council and the Police, you have known for at least the last five years and yet you still choose not to do anything or get involed… in case you need clarification I said you are a cunt I fucking dare you to take me to court for slander you sorry excuse for a dick sucking bastard how the fuck you have the ordasity to hold public office and waste tax payers money is way beyond me… if you don’t want to take the matter to court let me know when you want to meet up so we can have it out as I know the dried up ballsack you got contains the majority of your sence and that’s exactly where I’d like to kick you…!

I would like to say sorry for missing out the following people, trevor phillips, teresa may, helen briggs Rutland County Council and Simon Cole police you too are cuntish and I would not want you to be left out….!

This is the man whom supports the racist actions of the police schools and council within the country of Rutland....!

This is the man whom supports the racist actions of the police schools and council within the country of Rutland….!

Sorry to disappoint Rutland County Council or the police but despite what you hear I’m not sitting at home smoking skunk all bloody day so keep visiting and asking stupid questions because I’ve got answers for you obviously you didn’t understand me your games done the false information which you received last week which made you have two cars a van two foot troops and the rest waiting for me on Monday are a flip on your sorry asses don’t you get it your playing my game now you bloody twats…!

Racist headmaster and school get full support and backing of the local police… Despite the fact that the police are aware of the fact that my son was assaulted at school by a member of its staff and having seen the video evidence and witness statements they have chosen not to pursue the matter any further instead there response was to caution me for poking the headmaster in the chest… While not a criminal record this will now remain on police records insuring the continuation of my unemployability and carrying out the wishes of Rutland County Council to restrict my economic abilities in the hope that I will leave the county of Rutland and relocate to an inner city… You rough up and poke my son no come back… I poke you, five year record… Both the actions of the school and omissions of the police are discriminatory in nature and while I am not in the position to employ a barrister I am more than capable of self representation but this is a road well traveled and with the toing and throwing it will be another three to five years of court cases hearings meetings and attempts by Rutland County Council and the police to criminalise both myself and my son… I will never give up the fight and condem future generations to live in fear of bullying and intimidation for the want of a better life and the freedom to live where one chooses in peace and harmony and while I will never set out to break the law I will defend my sons liberty with both my own and my life….!

Jellyfish spined tosser of a headmaster takes shelter behind female assistant jokass do your wife and daughter know your doing her… While your fully able to stand two heads above my boy screaming your head off at him in front of half the school your not man enough to do it with me in fact you wanted to play I can run round my desk faster than you…. But like most bullies when confronted with your own shit you tuck tail and run just like the pussy whipped bigot that you are… Sticks and stones can hurt your bones but poking makes you cry and cry you did to the police… Did they tell you I sent them in because unlike you you pig I’m fully capable of standing my ground and accepting responsibilty for my actions I don’t need to hide behind a woman or get others to make my phone calls I think you stink and I’m not scared of telling you or anyone just that… You are a racist coward of a man who supports endorses and encourages victimisation of certain students within your school but as I told you if you continue with the harassment of my son all roads will lead to you you sorry scraggy ass git… I don’t believe in coincidence and thus your meeting with the two officers prior to my meeting and the fact that they were waiting right outside the school must have boosted your ego because of the stinking attitude you started the meeting with you must have felt safe and secure, didn’t last long did it as as soon as I stood up I could see the cowardice and fear in your eyes I done told you I’m not playing your game of go put your complaint in writing I’m playing my game of fuck with my baby boy and ill fuck you up…! I find it strange that in a small town where police are hardly ever seen two were at your school one car was parked at the top of my road and a van and another car turned up within two minutes of my not even reaching my door… But as this morning proved they will never be quick enough to save your sorry decrepit ass when I come for you and you people down the council need to heed this too cos you know your next…!

I did not know you could be arrested and de-arrested all within the space of ten minutes… I feel sorry for the young officer whom so appropriatly spoke to and questioned me and once being fully aware of the facts went in the office to seek advice from his commanding officer to find out what and if anything could be done in regards to the discrimination and harassment that my boy is facing… I heard him being shouted at from two rooms away and have made notes for my own use at a later date… But he must have had his illusion of a straight line between law and order blown away in an instant I’ve been in that situation before where the arresting officer has stated that they do not in their opinion think that either I was in the wrong or that I should be prosecuted only to be told dont think do as your bloody told and press the charges, things will be no different in this instance but it just goes to show that not all coppers are bastards until told to be so…..!

To be continued…………..

Stuart Williams principle


These are the kind of tossers that I’m up against ;s corrupt councilers that spend their time defrauding the public and wife swapping at their expense I’ve already waisted five years in court with them it’s time for them to be getting blackhanders now wen I’m done wid some of you you ain’t going to be fit for anything let alone sending offensive emails covered up by the council and supported by the local pigs watch me an you jokers its time to get physical with your old decrepit asses…!

Im not usually one for violence… But I am going to kill someone down here, there’s no getting round it or avoiding it theres no compromising or negotiation there’s nothing that I have not tried in order to save my youngest education from racist bullying and intimidation by the headmaster and teachers in the only school in this town… I will not follow a process that is slow laborious and inherently racist in nature to make complaints about a system that is self perpetuating and sustaining…. You wanna fuck with my boys life chances and education but you didn’t realise he was the only thing saving your sorry asses after you did it to the last one… Now I’m fucking looking trouble and a chance to beat your ass gonna see what you have to say as I’m done begging and pleading for the right for my children to have an education cos all your playing is tie you up in paper work and fuck you over anyways… I’m coming for you on my level an terms…!

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