No trace of an investigation can be found… information that should be available to the public is missing or just outright refused. What exactly is it that is going on in this County of Rutland home to the largest proportion of millionaires in the country and so many serving and ex members of the government. Is it actually true that money can buy a police force into silence into so many unsolved crimes and in fact pay for them to bring charges knowing full well that they in doing so are breaching the human rights of others. What really goes on behind the scenes in Britain’s oldest recorded county and home to the oldest and richest families in England.

There is something about this man’s death that makes council members and employees very uncomfortable. But from personal experience I know that when the council are informed that they are pushing people to the point where they may break them this does not stop their harassment discriminatory practices and/or behaviour or the bullying of residents or employees. In fact it seems to give them added incentive and reason to pile on even more pressure. The fact that this is led from the top down does not excuse their actions but I can imagine the same tactics being used upon the staff members that they use upon the public and all minorities that come into contact with. There are people in the know down here like the author of the attached article that are too scared to speak out or have injunctions and made up charges laid against them at the slightest mention of the Chief executive of Rutland County Council and several members of the Rutland police force. My advice to you is to stop using the same legal aid tossers and phone me I’ll come and represent you for free. I have successfully defended myself against these racist bigots and inappropriate representatives of local government and judiciary on more than three occasions. You keep using legal aid they are going to keep tying you up in knots. Stand up show some balls and gumption and stop letting these wankers walk all over you…!