Child killers teaching kids….

What is the purpose of having an enhanced CRB. Having done some investigation into the CRB system I am somewhat surprised to learn that in fact it is nothing more than a fallacy. Regardless of what is on your CRB it is up to the employer to decide whether or not to employ an individual. It is thus that wife beaters ex murders, those that have killed people in road traffic accidents and even someone whom has killed a child in a car accident are still able to gain employment from teachers to council workers to members of parliament. So that does beg the question why is the CRB process necessary and what is its main goal or agenda. Of course I have my own opinions for even in yesterdays news with certain individuals victimised by the police and judiciary and having a charge constantly upon their records it reduces the chances of them obtaining work or full time employment. There is no law to protect you from the law and those whom use and abuse it’s power to act discriminatory regardless of whether they be police officers local councillors or members of parliament. In so many jobs you would be dismissed if you had an outstanding charge against you or you were on bail for several months but that does not seem to be the case within Rutland County Council or the government per-say but here serving members of the Council and local MP’s continue to receive public money and go about their every day business despite being guilty of a criminal or civil offence. My only conclusions is that the enhanced CRB system is a waste of tax payers money in assisting those whom would otherwise exclude individuals based upon their own likes dislikes prejudices legitimising that no we don’t want your kind working here a reflection of the statical over representation of certain classes, groups and races of people whom represent this countries underclass and long term unemployed…..