Close your eyes and imagine
those times of yesteryear
those times of children holding
hands and walking without
fear into the night of the inner
cities surrounded by the glow
of the yellow street lamps under
the gaze of passer-byes enjoying
the moment not complaining of
the cries of merriment and children
saying good byes as the headed
to their homes

Close your eyes and imagine
how it must of felt to know of
safety and that each heart would
melt into the eyes of a child not
concerned with judgement or
notions of running wild but
remembering those times when
to be so young was to be really free
only consideration was to be happy

Close your eyes and imagine
those times for have not our
children lost their childhood is
this not the real crime of living
in a democracy where crimes are
encouraged and paedophiles run free
having more rights than the children
this is depravity this death of the
innocence supported politically

Close your eyes and imagine