Does this belong to you
I found it while walking
At first I was not sure
What to do I took it home
Gave it a corner to call
It’s own I gave it light
I gave it dark in all things
I did I allowed it to take
Part but its demure remained
The same no getting smaller
Nor weight did it gain so
I took it for a walk and to
My surprise it did start to
Talk of long and distant times
Of things that were done
To it which it considered a
Crime but now as it told its
Story to me it said that there
Was only one place it wanted
To be and that was back in
Your arms hoping that for you
It still had some charm so to
This I did agree I got it new
Clothing for not wanting you
To see its battered state it ask
So little I did not hesitate and
Now as you can see your heart
Is now ready to leave and come
Back to you willingly ;x