Rutland police incompetence…..

while I have been informed that the caution which I have had placed upon my police record is to be removed that still leaves me with a forthcoming case for common assault. I am not impressed with the inability of Rutland police to not only carry out the basic administrative tasks adequately but also they selectiveness to respond to crimes committed against myself or my son. It has been over six weeks since they were informed of my sons assault and it is only now they they are considering taking action and investigating the matter. I say investigate as it’s that old adage you can drag a horse to water but can not make it drink. Yes I have complained and they have investigated the illegal caution they gave me, yes that is now to be removed and yes because I am taking their sorry asses to court they are now going to investigate the local school. But they have been aware of the facts and seen the evidence in fact six weeks ago so what is their to investigate. If they wanted a copy of the statements and admittance they could have just have easily asked me for a copy or made a copy when the incompetent officer went to the the school in the first place.

I am actually fed up with incompetent police officers, social workers, council members, MP’s, dentists, surgeons and school head masters. While my insistence that they conduct themselves in the professional manor for which they are paid extortionate amounts of money results in changes to policy procedures and practice the fact remains that every encounter with these decrypt individuals results in either restrictions to my physical mental or emotional well being. They are in fact like motorist without a licence causing mayhem on the roads and resulting in continual injury to myself. It is obvious that these individuals has no notion of professionalism or accountability and are so used to doing what they want and making it up as they go along in the mistaken belief that their positions give them the authority to discriminate as and when they feel like it. I’m not finished with any of you by a long shot…..!