Where is my religion when was
it decided who made the decision
that it should not be a way of life
the meaning for me to call such things
my home to changed that mansion
and now call it a home where the
mind and body do rest but where
the soul is put to the test of all things
that could be

Where is my religion when was
where did it go who took this from
me this promise of everlasting life
that reason to be whole that other
called wife and family where did
they go why did I not see the coming
of the night

Where is my religion when was
it is that shadow became light and
all that is done in the dark is now
just parcel and part of this we call
normality I not happy with what I
feel nor see

Where is my religion I have to ask
for that faith I don’t see in this every
day life of which death be such a big