This is the lying bastard of a police officer whom came to our home and told us that what happens in school stays in school. And supposedly that I had no say whatsoever in whether or not to pursue the my son’s assault in school. While in our home he repeatedly lied and sought confrontation with myself while at the same time trying to play down the fact that my son had been assaulted. Not surprisingly I have been informed that the police have decided not to do anything about this assault a continuation of not only the schools discriminatory practices but also that of the police, for there has not been an incident in the last seven years where I have not had to take the police to court to force them to carry out what is meant to be their public duty but instead they have continually failed to protect either myself or my children. It’s not the first time I have met this particular officer as he came to our home last year when my neighbor was being verbally abused by a group of youths but the officers concerns then was that I was seen filming the young people being abusive and he was not interested at all in the fact that they were breaking the law at the time. Even then he made it quite apparent that if he could have arrested me for something then he would have done so and on top of that he then lied to say that he was giving me a warning for filming the group of youngsters. Going along those lines no recordable evidence would be admissible in a court including cctv to say nothing of the many video footage and phone pictures that were used in the recent killing of a solder in London.

What concerns me if that this is the 2nd of three complaints that I have raised with the police whom have not only taken their time in the investigation but have so far refused to provide evidence of either carrying out an investigation or the supplying of requested documents in relation to two arrests. While I represent myself in court it is obvious that Oakham police are withholding the information that not only am I entitled to as a self representative but that they have stated they would provide and have thus far chosen not to. Having had five cases where the police have misrepresented information in the last seven years while trying to prosecute me in addition to the four cases where I have had to take them to court in order for them to do their public duty I feel safe in saying that this is institutional racism, that this is discriminatory practice, that this is individuals choosing to use their public office for the carrying out of their own racist bigotry agenda and using their positions to be discriminatory, that this is common practice not only here in the heart of England Rutland but also throughout England…..