Why is it that governmental officials feel that they are not accountable to anyone ;s not even the Department for Works and Pensions bother answering complaints or enquires now ;o is that because they are informed not to or is it that everyone really is that fucking bad at doing their jobs ;o my pet hate is incompetent assholes whom tell you to follow rules and then do not themselves which I suppose applies to every government employee ;D I had some copper phone me up the other day to tell me that I will shortly receive a summons in the post before he went on to say that he’s investigating one of my complaints yeah right you fucking twat that’s impartiality isn’t it I’m fed up with complaining to you people only for you and your bum chums to go on another training exercise to learn what you should have known when you took up your fucking jobs in the first place incompetent bastards the lot of you….!