A spider crawled into

My eye said he wanted

To see me from there he

Went in to my mind said

He wanted to be me and

Seek those dark corners

So hard to find in those

Spaces he was ever so kind

And built his web hoping

To find all those loose things

Floating in time and lost


A spider crawled into

My mouth headed do my

Throat said he was going

Down south past the lungs

And heart he wanted to reach

My feet a good place to start

His search for reality for a place

A dwelling in which he could

Be master of his own realm

He stated he had no fear and

Wanted to quell the vibrations

Of my heart wanted to heal me

Wanted to start sharing his visions

With me for he was of the opinion

There was more to me than that

Which met his eyes

A spider crawled into

My heart not one of the others

From the outside did start but

One born of me wanted to make

Sure I was me for he had heard

So many things that his little legs

Had brought him to bring a wonder

To his world for he had a feeling my

Insiders were hurt from the living

Of it all now my spider is 5″9″ tall

And walking where ever I go and

Should the light change quickly

Then surely he’ll show himself

For what he is my support my

All that I can give for the spider

Is now me and in that take over

He did set me free from the restraint

Of it all you’ll find me climbing

Some tree or wall for the spider

And I did change place no fuss no

Argue no loosing of grace for it was

Done gracefully that deal that was

Made between spider and me to

Experience the other to have a

Change and possibly discover more

Than either could see for now I am

Him and he is me