What happened to honour

I know more honourable thieves than policemen as most thieves can not be brought

I know more respectful cleaners than teachers as cleaners have accepted their positions rather than imagined them

I know more educated security guards than council employees for the former really do want to protect and serve rather than the latter whom pretend and manipulate

I see and hear more honesty from the homeless than for those making social policy and dictating how others should act while doing the opposite

Had our society been built from the bottom up rather than being built upon those at the bottom then surely we would not see the abuse of power that we do, the rape and manipulation of not only children but their innocence nor would we have the conditions that we do whereby the government now feels comfortable enough to endorse racist policies and legislation knowing of its impact upon the populace to say nothing of the way we treat our elderly those with disabilities and those not in employment. For the only value that one has in a modern society is that of commerce.