With most establishments now keeping records in relation to ones persona mannerisms behaviour sexual orientation and encounters based upon hearsay rather than fact or evidence it is not surprising that those that are in a position to use such information are not able to justify their acts or omissions for to do so would have been a breach of data protection and flown in the face of all notions of freedom and impartiality… it is thus that the law has now been changed to justify the acquisition and retention of such information that has been kept for god knows how long. But this information has yet to come under the data protection act or freedom of information act. And it is thus that records are now able to be kept legally by one establishment and shared with all government bodies and interested parties without disclosure. Staying with that thought there is not an active paedophile that was not brought to the attention of the authorities prior to committing such acts… the governments reluctance to deal with these persons accordingly can thus be seen as its endorsement to say nothing to then draw comparisons in relation to sentencing compared to say a bank robber. That notion of paedophile could be exchanged with so many other labels e.g. dealers…!