Free Pro Bono help with a barrister is still available free
so for those of you who may be able to take your concerns
and issues as far as court proceedings do not be put off by
the court representation and the intimidatorey methods that
so many inappropriate barristers and solicitors seem to steep
to in order to win a case especially those involving local government
representations which seem to base so many of their cases upon
character assassination and accusations based upon hearsay rather
than fact….
you can be put forward for local representation by your local CAB or local representative MP (unless
of course it’s him your taking to court ;o ;s) be insensitive and assertive
as neither of the above are very forthcoming with such requests and
will try and fob you off… the notion of governance is accountability and
responsibility both of which our current government seem to have forgotten
or ignore when reminded of such…!