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Sometimes we have to stop and listen to our young for we can not see from their eyes and thus must watch for signs of those inner meanings and understandings of things we think we know… I look forward to more children of honesty and willingness to share their hearts with the world R.I.P TuPac xxxxX

I don’t know where to start to express my pain
be it not for humans this time
but for the destruction of that which supports us
Where did this notion of plastic come from?
Is it true that it will never disappear that ever bit of
it ever made is somewhere somehow still here?
I’ve seen the effects on the wildlife chocked upon our
discards ;s lighters bottle tops plastic bits of cars and I
shake me head in wonder not allowing that tear to fall
for as much as I think how sad it is I know I have used
them all and thrown them away so how can I be a
hypocrite and truly say that I am sorry for surely that
cannot be the case for now even right now plastic is all
about my place and I see no way of not using it and thus
I hide my face from me for its now plain to see that I am
the cause of my own pain…..

Regardless of the justification reasons or excuses, it is actually people out there that are carrying on with this shit of killing one another. The government couldn’t come and ask me to kill for them the same as nor could my friend for to do so would be to change from that which I am and feel I stand for. But yet there are many others waiting patiently for that legitimate reason to end another’s life that desire to unleash that which is felt from within that which we have helped and encouraged to create. For are we not the arbitrators of death for there is nothing we have not perfected more clearly than how to dispose of another. Out neighbour the man on the street the thief the robber the bomber the terrorist the other. For we spend so much of our time and efforts to seclude ourselves from that which we perceive as harmful that we have become that which we hate for we will lash out without reason at those things that we do not know or misunderstand for our ignorance is that we think we are able to survive alone……

How would history remember me
If I did those things you did would
The headlines state quite clearly
That maybe I was abused as a kid
Or could it be that red I did see in
Those seconds before would my
Name be synonymise with madness
Every more as I lost control and
With hatred did gnarl and moral
Those about me in some desperate
Plea to be left alone would I be viewed
As a wonderer in search of that which
We call home but was kept from me
Governmental interference is all I did
See as I trod this worn out path maybe
I would have made it had I been blind to
To lasting meaning of it all for this is the
Direction where none stand tall for they
Are cut down in their youth that desire
That expression that search for truth
Used to bring them down

When I stop an think about it the thing that gets me the most is the willingness of most people to fuck over not only other adults but kids too…. I don’t care how you want to drop it you make that decision to fuck over that family, individual couple whatever knowing the full consequence of your acts and or omissions. Knowing full well that you could restrict that person for life with education work family future. And thus I say to you if you chose to work for the government knowing full well what you were doing then you are a political target and you have chosen your position knowing that it would be at the cost of someone else….. thus the bombings shootings and slaughter will continue for just as you turned a blind eye so now a blind eye is being turned to you for you are just as disposable to a government that you disposed of others  for dwam retch you…!


The governments plans for mass civil unrest are well underway. Restricted are notions of justice and liberty the court systems now have done away with any notion of innocence until you can pay someone to prove it for you. The truth is irrelevant for character assassination and manipulation are the order of the day and selective constructive use of the language is the game that is played about you. For everyone will get paid thus how much is your liberty worth.


The demise of the small county court system and the closing of offices up and down the country only to be replaced by urban civil unrest centers is a true reflection of how far the government have pushed and is willing to push the British public. The next set of riots will see rioters whisked up and down the country to these new all in one inclusive courts that have the ability to sentence you up stairs and detain you down stairs. With built in bunker systems and geometrically designed exteriors to repel rockets and accommodation built in to facilitate the powers already granted and waiting for courts to sit throughout the night it is no wonder rumors abound of ghost courts. The future looks bleak for democracy in Britain. 

The Cell

        Why me I call out to the darkness

And echoing halls as I cling to the bars

In despair how have I come to be here

Where are the notions of fairness and

Right how can this be so in all goodness

And might for surely any man grown would

Do those things I’ve done.


The Road

         Why me I asked in the silence between

The flash and the fall all else beyond the barrel

Of the gun was a blur and yet there I stood clearly

Deep within mine own thoughts of how it had come

To this


The House

      Why me I looked into her eyes the question not

Having to be spoken direct from mind to mind baby

In my right hand gun in my left I point it at me I point

It at her


At Work  

      Why me I should have asked but instead I did as I

Was told for not to do so would should could be

Construed as any way you’d want to with your

Manipulation of words calmness undisturbed

As you’d protest how uncomfortable every

Spoken word would make your wall of lies


The Shop

         Why me this fool looks disturbed not

Uttered a word that makes any sense and

Here he is on the defence feeling violated

In some way. Do I give him a speech or try

To retreat avoiding what comes this way


The Dream

         Why me am I able to see when I close

My eyes at night distant roads so called close

Calls so real that I wake up with fright in my

Veins breathing in pain for the sake of what’s

Wrong or right for in my dreams I have become



Why Me

Ok something’s wrong ;s I’m enjoying being ill ;o

That I will not be beaten spirit has dug to the deepest

Of depths and come back with ya mad if you  think

I’m going to let you stop me ;s so with aching bones and

Head inside a heavy cloud I plug in the iron get out

The days list of todo’s and consider the fact that I might

Have just eventually lost it ;s not to say that I had it in

The first place but hay we try 8D

I’ve mastered multi-tasking ;D I just have enough things

On the go to keep me interested enough to hop from

One to the other until they are complete which never

Happens as there are three waiting for each one that

Is finished….. I’m feeling better already ;D  

Have you been in love ;D and I don’t mean that dippy silly thing bout she fine I mean ;o to live breath and die for to feel elated just at the thought ;D… the greatest thing about life is our ability to imagine for nothing has substance that we can not consider in thought…. have a blessed day init xxX

trying to breath slowly and deeply between those moments when I am consumed by those things which life has to offer ;o

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